Tropical motif – application in your home

Tropical motif - application in your homeMost of us aren’t blessed to live on a tropical island. But this doesn’t mean that we can’t bring nature closer. Tropical motifs can produce a relaxing atmosphere. This will make you feel every day like a holiday. Creating and exotic and peaceful environment is not that easy. Here are some valuable advices how to achieve it:

  • Neutral colors

Lighter shades of green and sea blue are recommended. Colours like khaki, olive and sage are found often in tropical nature. That’s why they are a good choice for the main theme. Additionally for the accessories you may use pale yellow and turquoise.

  • Tropical plants

There is no place that is a tropical look-alike without plants in it. Greenery is probably more important than the colour theme of the room. The flowers are dominant in such a style. Focus on palms, orchids and bamboo. All of these can be cultivated as house plants. They don’t need a lot of attention. Before buying any greenery make sure that you know how much they will grow. You may also want to consult a specialist for this purpose. You don’t want to make your home a greenhouse! Plants may not need a lot of attention, but their cleaning does. You will have to perform regular cleaning, because they collect a lot of dust on their leaves.

  • Artwork

All of the artwork should reflect nature’s beauty. Scenes from tropical woods and beaches are a good choice. Pictures of all the tropical locations are suitable. Additionally you can add any totems or masks. This will exhibit the culture of people living on such places. Some hand-carved candles will bring a romantic spirit into your place. This will create a resort-like feeling. We advise you, not to place a carpet in such a room. The soil from the pots may ruin it. If you insist on your carpet, you can have it, but you’ll have to call the steam carpet cleaners more often.

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