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7 Things You Should Never Ask Your Housekeeper to Do

7 Things You Should Never Ask Your Housekeeper to DoIf you are among those lucky people who have assistants for performing the cleaning tasks around the household, you probably can take pride in having a spick and span living room, spotless and pleasantly deodorised bathroom, and clean common areas. There is no better feeling than knowing your house looks amazing and you don’t have to lift a finger to achieve that. Your maids handle all tasks on your behalf so you can set aside your days off for much more pleasant activities. No matter if you pay per hour or per visit, the prices are quite affordable. However, there are certain cleaning tasks you should not include in the to-do list or if you include them, be prepared to pay more than what was agreed: Continue reading

11 alternative uses of bleach you may have never heard of

11 alternative uses of bleach you may have never heard ofEvery time you go to the supermarket, you take a look at the isle where cleaning supplies are stored and you feel somehow confused by the great variety of detergents promoted as super effective against grease and bacteria. Sometimes, you just don’t resist the temptation to try a widely advertised cleaner, but you also put a bottle of bleach in your shopping cart. After all, you know that bleach is your irreplaceable assistant when you have to treat the stubborn stain on your kid’s t-shirt or when you deep clean the bathroom and the other porcelain surfaces at home. But do you know anything about the alternative uses of bleach? The next time you go shopping, you’d better put more than one bottle of bleach into your basket as you have no idea how many fantastic applications it has. Continue reading

When to give up on a stain?

When to give up on a stain?You probably know that feeling of despair you get when you see a huge greasy stain on a favourite piece of clothing, on the carpet or on the floor. Nowadays, the market is oversaturated with various stain removers and detergents said to be effective against all kinds of dirt and stains. However, buying a random cleaning agent and treating the stain is not always the best approach. On the contrary, it can do more harm than good to the fabrics. Sometimes, you just have to give up as regardless of your efforts, the stain seems absolutely impossible to remove. Here are several occasions when you have no other choice but to find a replacement to your clothes or try to hide the stain: Continue reading

The challenge of cleaning after a huge dog

The challenge of cleaning after a huge dog It is a well-known fact that dogs are people’s best friends. If you are lucky to have a dog, then you must know that they are loving creatures, ready to give you lots of love in return to your care and affection. Having a pet is undoubtedly fun but most dog owners admit that cleaning up the mess that goes hand in hand with sharing a house with a pet is not among the activities they are keen on. Things get even more complicated if you have chosen a giant dog breed, which can be a disaster to your furniture and the household in general. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you remedy the situation: Continue reading

Remove bad smells from clothes

Remove bad smells from clothesEverybody comes to a moment when the rearrangement of the closet is unavoidable. It’s time to prepare winter sweaters, right? However, during the pulling out of the winter clothes from the closet, you realize that they have a peculiar smell. They smell like stale and something quite unpleasant. Now the question is what you can do to get rid of the terrible odor. One option is to put clothes on the balcony for several hours. Sun and wind may be able to save you from the smell. Here are more details: Continue reading

How to disinfect your suede sofa

How to disinfect your suede sofaSuede is a wonderful upholstery material, which gives the room luxurious and cosy appearance. Many people, however, avoid it, because of its reputation for being hard to maintain. Sanitising a suede sofa doesn’t need to be so difficult. There are some basics you need to know about and everything is going to be fine. Continue reading

How to Remove Bathroom Mould and Mildew

How to Remove Bathroom Mould and MildewBathroom is one of the most difficult places to clean as there are so many things to take care of. And the worst of all is that the place looks like you haven’t cleaned it in just one or two days. Disinfecting the bathtub and the tiles is not enough for keeping the bathroom clean, especially if you have to deal with mould or mildew. Surprising or not, they inhabit humid, warm areas, so your bathroom is the perfect habitat. Poor lighting or bad air circulation make matters even worse. However, you can take actions and get rid of them once and for good: Continue reading