How to reduce and reuse household items

Reduce and reuse household itemsReduce and reuse. That is a ‘rule’ to remember in order to save some money. It is never redundant, isn’t it? What is more, you will be really pleased with the final results. You will have beautiful and unique house decoration.

So follow that ‘rule’ and resolve your storage problems. Here are our ideas:

  • Shower curtain rings – use them as a hanger for neckties and silk scarves. All you need to do is clip them together and hang from the closet rod;

  • Paper towel holders – they may be used for stacking bangle bracelet. You can attach one that mounts to the back of your closet door or a wall. That will serve as a necklace hanger;
  • Ice cube trays – they are good to store your accessories not to lose them easily;
  • Use coffee mugs to plant a garden – chipped coffee mugs could make an ideal home for herbs and small flowers. You simply need to fill with some soil, plant flowers or seeds and you will enjoy your small portable garden! You may take it even if you move. Once you decide to do that, however, you’d better rely on end of tenancy cleaners for better and quicker done job.
  • Cut up placemats into coasters – transform placemats into drink coasters. Most mats are water-resistant so you don’t need to make any extra preparations;
  • Save some cereal bags – if you and your family like cereal the wax paper could be very useful, actually. You may wash the plastic bags which are in the cereal boxes and then save them. They can be used to wrap cold-cuts or sandwiches, store freeze meats and leftovers;
  • Put useless T-shirt to second use – add worn-out and ripped shirts and blouses to your cleaning supplies. They surely will come in handy when you run regular home cleaning;
  • Letter sorters – you could place them in your cabinet so you might hold plastic storage lids in them;
  • Side-loading letter trays – we advise you to use them to organise phone lists, recipe ideas, takeout menus, for instance.
  • Plant urns – in case your utensils don’t fit in the kitchen cabinets, the plant urns can hold them.

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