Kitchen of heaven

Kitchen organisingAll women dream of a big organised kitchen (even the ones that don’t like to cook). Unfortunately, we can’t always have what we want… But we can make the best of it. No matter the size and the orientation of your cooking area, there are tips that can help you bring out its maximal potential. Since Antiquity kitchen has been the heart of the home. Let’s see how we can mix and match traditions and modernity to turn it into ultimate dream space of every housewife (and not only):

  • Make a list of the essentials: include basic appliances and tools – stove, fridge, dishwasher, pots, pans, set of utensils, set of good knives, etc. Think before you buy unnecessary gadgets with specific purpose that you will use only occasionally.

  • Match it with the rest of the house. Put common elements or colors and textures to make it part of your home.
  • Design according to space. As you look at what you have as area and what you need to put in it, look around for professional help: many furniture stores offer free project according to your room and its specifications. Think not only of the storage spaces and appliances but also about the space they need for opening and maintenance. End of tenancy cleaners say that kitchen is one of the hardest areas to keep clean and ordered (and I bet they have seen a lot of disasters).
  • Isolating the kitchen in anyway (style, separation with walls and so on) will not only reflect on its look but also on your perception of it – taking cooking as a punishment is wrong approach.
  • Efficiency: don’t ignore the simple logic when organising your kitchen: it’s good if fridge is a bit away from appliances that emit heat, trash bin should be as closest as possible to the sink and the preparation area (my personal favorite is the one that stow into a cabinet).
  • Surfaces. Use countertops, sinks and materials that are durable and easy to clean. Invest in them during the renovation or re furnishing and you will save not only money in long-term plan, but also nerves.
  • Natural light – the more, the better. Try to place the surfaces or the sink (whatever you use at most) facing the window – this way you won’t need extra lights.
  • Maintenance. In kitchen, regular cleaning is a must – be sure that you keep it clean and disinfected or it will give you something much more dangerous than bad impression.

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