The Bathroom: from boring to amazing

BathroomYour bathroom is one of the first things you see when you wake up. Are you bored to see again and again white sterile tiles? And how about this boundless mirror and all this whiteness and lack of personality? Where to start and how to give it a personal vibe? Let’s check a couple of ideas!

    • Make a plan – decide what exactly you want and what you can have – measure the space and enlist all the things you want to fit in it.
  • Test the project – before you start taking downwalls and tiles, go to specialist and get advice and project. This will help you prepare for the expenses and the time when you will need to use another “intimate space”.

    • Check if you will need to make something more than just cosmetic changes. Sometimes it turns out that you need to change also a couple of pipes and drains.
    • Choose tiles and wallpapers fitting your idea – pink, blue, green or bold red and black. The options are infinite. You can play with the variety and with the arrangements – shapes and forms can be put together no matter what tiles you have chosen.
    • Middle stage – the process that transfers you from rough work to creatingisthe after builders cleaning. Be sure all the glue and cement are dry, all the dust and pieces are cleaned and all the surfaces are spotless. You have two possibilities here – do it alone or get someone to do it for you.
    • Choose The Mirror with capital M – it should be not only big and beautiful, but also well lit. You may choose wall mirror or cabinets with mirror doors. It may have a frame or not. If you want to turn it into masterpiece you can put picture frame to outline it.
  • The light in the spotlight – no matter if you choose to put one or many lights, the bathroom should be well lit. You shave or put your make up there so you should be able to see clear the tiniest details.
  • Colour on the floor – put a rug in the same colour as the towels, but different from the walls or the cabinets.
  • Add artwork – according to your taste and style – sculpture, picture, even a poster. Anything to give you positive push when you get through the door.

Bathroom is rarely cheap and fast project so do the pre-work and be sure the consequences will be long term. Wish you luck!

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