Small space mistakes

Small space mistakesHaving small room in the house may be a decorating problem, having small home is an issue. But this is not a thing that should upset you. For every problem there is a solution. You just need to look at it as an opportunity to train your creativity not as an obstacle. We all make errors in decoration but they can be repaired. Let’s see what are the most common:

  • Colour. Every colour and its nuances have the ability to reduce or increase the space in the room. Old rule is that light colours enlarge and darker shrink, although when you choose colour you should keep in mind (except the size) the orientation (south, east, north, west) and the purpose of the room. For example, navy blue kitchen with north or west orientation – not only it may look small and strange, also it will feel cold.

    • Size. When you think of small space, you usually think for small furniture also. One think doesn’t follow the other. You can have small room that looks bigger even if you put some big furniture inside, and it’s even better if you take it from that perspective: one big sofa instead of three small armchairs.

  • Light. Well orientated rays ofilluminant can add you a couple of square inches (and not only) and the other way around: one big chandelier in the middle of the ceiling may be wrong decision. Use build-in illumination and spotlights to emphasise different elements of the decoration or to separate the areas in the room.
  • More is less. Advicefrom professional post tenancy cleaners: the more things you store, the more you will leave behind when you move out. This is mistake both from budget and from space point of view.
  • Fitting. Choosing items that have common style or chaining elements can be essential for the sense that room gives – green floral carpet plus blue geometrical curtains and pink plain bed cover – these may be your favorite colours but they don’t match, so choose wisely.
  • Functionality. The moment when we usually notice how crowded with items is when we start the home cleaning. Kitchen is the mostloaded space – pots, pans, different purpose appliances – if you have closet full of utensils don’t buy more if you don’t need them. Look at mistake 4.
  • Mirrors. The rule is similar to the one forthe lights – right place plus right size is equal to more space.

How many mistakes you spotted around your home? Are they amendable? Than start repairing!

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