5 scandalous tenant excuses for missed rent or end of lease sanitising

Tenant excuses for missed rentIf you have been a landlord for many years, maybe you have experience with different types of tenants. Some lessees are diligent and correct, they always pay their rent on time; they take good care for the property. Others are always forgetful and delay payments of rent.

It may be worse you know. There are tenants that always find an excuse not to settle up and they don’t make any efforts to maintain the tenement in good condition. In this article, we have gathered some really ridiculous and outrageous tenant excuses for missed rent or damaged property. Check them out and be prepared:

  • “I haven’t a dog, I own a barking cat!” This excuse was really expressed by a tenant, as ridiculous as it sounds. Actually in the rental agreement, it was outlined that dogs are forbidden, but cats are allowed.
  • “But you said I can repaint it!” In this case, the landlord found the entire house painted in purple. All the walls, ceilings, cupboards – everything was painted lavender. No comment!
  • My granny died…again.” The unexpected need to cover the expenses for a funeral is a widespread reason for inability to pay the monthly rent. Actually in this case, tenant’s grandmother has died five times recently.
  • “I must move out. I’m allergic to detergents and I can’t accomplish the end of tenancy cleaning procedure.” Sanitising and disinfecting with toxic cleansers are not recommended for people who are allergy sufferers, that’s true. If you accidently hear this excuse, require professional end of lease cleaning, paid by the lessee. As a landlord you have the right to demand your property to be returned in flawless condition, right?!
  • “The electricity was out, that’s why I couldn’t perform thorough domestic cleaning.” Doesn’t it sound absurd? In order to prevent such a ridiculous claim, it’s good to include a clause, concerning hygienic maintenance in the rental agreement. It’s not enough to require mandatory moving out sanitising, but to exact regular tidying and disinfecting of the tenement.

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