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Eco-friendly items that are really worth it!

Eco-friendly items that are really worth it!Going green is usually assumed to be an expensive process but in fact in the long run it will save you money. If you want to be more eco-friendly there are few simple things you can start doing right now. Turn off your computer instead of leaving it in sleep mode – it will save 40-watt hours per day. Get a clothesline to dry your clothes naturally by the air instead of running them in the dryer. They seem insignificant tasks but in fact you will help the Earth. There are also items that can help you start having a healthier and greener life. Read on and consider providing your home some of them. Continue reading

Why your mother is your hero

Why your mother is your heroGrowing up is accompanied by a vast range of emotions and events and if you don’t have a motivator to hold on to, it may be a nightmare. During all the stages we pass there is one person who will not give up on you no matter what – your mother. She usually is a professional in many fields – domestic cleaning, cooking, giving great advice. She even taught you how to hold a spoon. Being a mother doesn’t mean sugarcoating everything for your kids. Raising children that are inspired to do their best is what actually matters. Still, if they fail, their mother is always there to love them unconditionally. Why your mom is a hero? Because loving and accepting is not always an easy task neither is bringing up a child to be a strong and independent individual. But this is what mothers do – they love us and they inspire us to greatness. Don’t wait until Mother`s Day to tell your mother she is your hero – don`t let her forget that. This article is dedicated to all these incredible women. Thank you! Continue reading

How to reuse your old yoga mat at home?

How to reuse your old yoga mat at home?Doing yoga has a lot of benefits for your health – not only it keeps you fit but it improves your overall appearance and mood. Having a yoga mat is essential but do you remember the last time you have changed it? If it has lost its initial condition and you don’t find it comfortable anymore, don`t rush to toss it away. Here are some uses of your old yoga mat at home. Continue reading

How to store your red wine the right way

How to store your red wine the right wayIt doesn’t matter if you are a fancy wine drinker or you just couldn’t finish the last night’s bottle of red wine – in both cases you need to store it properly. You should know that sunlight, extreme temperatures and even not standing still can seriously alter the taste of your wine. Read on to see whether you will find some useful tips on storing your red wine. Continue reading

Indian style in the interior

Indian style in the interiorInterior design in Indian style is becoming very popular nowadays. To achieve this elegant and luxurious look at your home,  there are several things to know. Check out our tips:

  • The rooms in Indian style seem quite friendly – try to achieve that effect with the colorus of the walls, the flooring and the accessories. The walls should not be painted in too bright hues, you’d better pick beige or yellow. The accents can be brighter and richer – use colours such as purple, blue, green.

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Growing vegetables indoors? Why not?

Growing vegetables indoors? Why not?Winter months don’t have to be the end of your vegetable harvesting. You can always continue growing some vegetable indoors. Well, the yield will be a lot smaller than outdoors, but the satisfaction that you’ve managed to grow your own organic veggies is more important. Indoor growing is not that easy and if you want to be more professional, you need HPS lamps, fans, air systems, hydroponics, etc. However, here we are talking about using just the light from the windows and warmth of the house, nothing more. So, here is what you can do. Continue reading

How to combine orange with other colours?

How to combine orange with other colours?When you use different colours in your interior is good to know which colours may be combined together. You have always to try to reach true harmony – both in clothing and in the interior design. Orange is one of the warmest colours and can be combined with many other shades of colour spectrum. Learn more details: Continue reading

White colour in interior design

White colour in interior designWhite is the colour of purity. Using the white interior is a good solution, as you can easily combine it with different styles. White has quite numerous varieties: pure white or various shades. The white color is always present in home decor. When it is the main color it will always impresses with its simplicity, light and elegance. Thanks to white you will achieve a soft, light atmosphere and a feeling of freshness. Learn more details: Continue reading