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Do you know how to mix Easter egg dye?

How to mix Easter egg dyeAre you impatient to celebrate Easter? Do you follow the tradition to colour some eggs? Well, as you know, working with dye and mixing it may be a tricky procedure. Therefore, some people prefer to purchase Easter egg coloring kits for bigger convenience and simplicity. It’s great that there are detailed instructions, placed on the back of the box. There are braver housekeepers who prefer to mix some special dye with water and white vinegar and to experiment with colours. Here are some useful tips for them: Continue reading

Attractive and creative Christmas wreaths for your front door

Attractive and creative Christmas wreaths for your front doorLet us be original decorators this year! It’s not at all mandatory for Christmas wreaths to be always made from ordinary evergreens. We have gathered some super original suggestions and we want to encourage you to mix pom-poms, peppermint candies, eucalyptus leaves, lotus pods and other unconventional items. Experiment with shapes, ornaments and dazzling colours! Read more:

  • Small gift boxes may be glued together in a wreath shape – the funny part of Christmas is connected with those colorful ribbons and bows. This original wreath can be made if you purchase an assortment of foil gift-box ornaments and glue them together. Finish your art project with a big green bow and a gift tag.

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You definitely need to know these life hacks for Christmas! – Part 2

You definitely need to know these life hacks for Christmas - Part 2Hello again and welcome to our list of smart, Christmas life hacks. So, it’s time to continue the topic about all these interesting life hacks, that will make your Christmas more pleasant and of course, much easier. Read carefully and don’t hesitate to apply these strategies. They are proven to be efficient and easy to be accomplished: Continue reading

You definitely need to know these life hacks for Christmas! – Part 1

You definitely need to know these life hacks for ChristmasHey, people, Christmas is coming! Are you ready for this wonderful holiday? Prepare your home, pick up some great gifts for your beloved people and put your festive smile on your face, because you’re going to experience some sweet and very pleasant moments! In order to spend your holiday the smoothest way, you’d better check these life hacks, we have gathered especially for you:   Continue reading

The most attractive Halloween treats for children

The most attractive Halloween treats for childrenTreat, treat… What you imagine hearing this word? And do you imagine the children’s faces sensing the sweets? One of the reasons Halloween to be such a loved celebration is: the candies. Let’s see what the favorite sweets of the children are:

    • Velvet eyeballs. Round cakes white chocolate dipped with painted or glued pupils and irises. For more terrifying touch, you can add some strawberry “blood” for freshly taken out effect.
    • Mice of chocolate. Shape the mice from still warm chocolate and use different colors to make the nose, ears and eyes. If it sounds too hard, just shape truncated cone from the chocolate and use syringe to draw all details of the animal.

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4 ways to have a healthy vacation without ever leaving your home

Have a healthy vacationNow when it is the best summer period for cruises, vacations and trips around the country or even the world, we all want to find a decent and nice offer for an escape, too. Though, due to the global financial crisis, or to some extra need of work both – at home and in the office – plans for gorgeous summer holidays fall apart very often. It becomes very difficult to relax and rest during the days-off in this case. Being trapped by the four walls and surrounded by the same environment may sound to you as a total hell. If you are in this situation, too, do not worry, because we have gathered for you 4 ways to have a healthy vacation without even leaving your home: Continue reading

Come and join the London Vegan Festival

London Vegan FestivalVegan life has been considered as an extremely healthy and green lifestyle. Though, it is not only about consuming meals with no animal ingredients or milk products. The vegan philosophy is an entire journey and once someone enters it, he or she never gives up from its rules and joyful moments. If you are curious about the vegan life or you are a real vegan, come and join the specially tailored event London Vegan Festival! This summer in London will be healthier, greener and more peaceful. Find out more details about this outdoor show right now: Continue reading