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Indian style in the interior

Indian style in the interiorInterior design in Indian style is becoming very popular nowadays. To achieve this elegant and luxurious look at your home,  there are several things to know. Check out our tips:

  • The rooms in Indian style seem quite friendly – try to achieve that effect with the colorus of the walls, the flooring and the accessories. The walls should not be painted in too bright hues, you’d better pick beige or yellow. The accents can be brighter and richer – use colours such as purple, blue, green.

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White colour in interior design

White colour in interior designWhite is the colour of purity. Using the white interior is a good solution, as you can easily combine it with different styles. White has quite numerous varieties: pure white or various shades. The white color is always present in home decor. When it is the main color it will always impresses with its simplicity, light and elegance. Thanks to white you will achieve a soft, light atmosphere and a feeling of freshness. Learn more details: Continue reading

Ethno interior style and its followers

Ethno interior styleThe world of ethno design somehow suggests history, belonging to certain community and deep connection with the nature. Ethno design ideas are the ones that turn a home into elongation of the ethnical history. What are its features and what kind of people choose to design their homes in such a fashion?

    • The followers. Usually there are two types of people who like this kind of design – the ones who live in such a surrounding where the customs and the traditions are inevitable part of their life. The other group is consistent of people who either miss their home country or community, or are searching for their own place in a world where depersonalisation is an unintentional trend.

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    Tropical motif – application in your home

    Tropical motif - application in your homeMost of us aren’t blessed to live on a tropical island. But this doesn’t mean that we can’t bring nature closer. Tropical motifs can produce a relaxing atmosphere. This will make you feel every day like a holiday. Creating and exotic and peaceful environment is not that easy. Here are some valuable advices how to achieve it:

    • Neutral colors

    Lighter shades of green and sea blue are recommended. Colours like khaki, olive and sage are found often in tropical nature. That’s why they are a good choice for the main theme. Additionally for the accessories you may use pale yellow and turquoise. Continue reading

    Home upgrades that pay off

    Home upgrades that pay offSurely, a beautiful and well-decorated house will raise yours and your family’s mood. The best part is that you can make home upgrades with just a few quick, affordable and easy steps. Check out our suggestions:

    • Picture frames are an inexpensive way to freshen up the decorations on the walls. When was the last time you changed the paintings on your walls or even you noticed them? You don’t even need to spend lots of money
      on luxury photos and framed pictures;

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    The Bathroom: from boring to amazing

    BathroomYour bathroom is one of the first things you see when you wake up. Are you bored to see again and again white sterile tiles? And how about this boundless mirror and all this whiteness and lack of personality? Where to start and how to give it a personal vibe? Let’s check a couple of ideas!

      • Make a plan – decide what exactly you want and what you can have – measure the space and enlist all the things you want to fit in it.
      • Test the project – before you start taking downwalls and tiles, go to specialist and get advice and project. This will help you prepare for the expenses and the time when you will need to use another “intimate space”.

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      Kitchen of heaven

      Kitchen organisingAll women dream of a big organised kitchen (even the ones that don’t like to cook). Unfortunately, we can’t always have what we want… But we can make the best of it. No matter the size and the orientation of your cooking area, there are tips that can help you bring out its maximal potential. Since Antiquity kitchen has been the heart of the home. Let’s see how we can mix and match traditions and modernity to turn it into ultimate dream space of every housewife (and not only):

      • Make a list of the essentials: include basic appliances and tools – stove, fridge, dishwasher, pots, pans, set of utensils, set of good knives, etc. Think before you buy unnecessary gadgets with specific purpose that you will use only occasionally.

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