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In the kitchen: how to clean pottery and glass-ceramic cooktop

In the kitchen: how to clean pottery and glass-ceramic cooktopCleaning the oven is surely a real challenge for every housewife! When it comes to the ‘old-fashioned’ stoves, they are difficult to handle, but still strong and abrasive cleaning agents may be very helpful. Sanitising glass-ceramic cooktops, however, is a little more delicate matter. They can easily get scratched and you can’t use a wire sponge to remove any food residues from the surface. Any harsh cleansers are not particularly recommended. You’d better rely on natural but effective cleaning methods. You will not cause any damage to the surface and will not endanger the health of your family. Continue reading

What do you need to know about various types of clothes hangers?

What do you need to know about various types of clothes hangers?Could you imagine your wardrobe without hangers? Everybody knows that hangers are an important accessory that assists in organizing your wardrobe. There are numerous variations when it comes to material and shape. Nowadays hangers are not only meant for hanging clothes, but they also add an aesthetic value to your closet. You have to know, that they are generally classified depending on the type of clothes, hung on them and depending on the material, that is used to produce them. If you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each type, you will make the best choice to store your clothes. So, check out the features of various types of hangers: Continue reading

Wooden elements in the interior

Wooden elements in the interiorThe use of wooden elements in the interior is a common technique in the furnishing. But have you ever thought why? Wood is a natural material that could easily make your place comfortable and cozy.

The furniture is the most important factor that may contribute to the atmosphere. With the appropriate wood furniture you will easily achieve a nice look. Check out a few ideas: Continue reading

Living room do’s and don’ts

Living room do's and don'ts

No matter if you live on your own or you have kids to look after, the living room is always the messiest place at home. Even if you dedicate the entire afternoon of your day off to cleaning and tidying up, there always seems that something new appears and needs to be taken care of. Well, having an organized home does not necessarily mean to spend too much time in cleaning. Quite the opposite – you have to follow some rules regarding cleaning. Check out the most common mistakes many people do when it comes to living room maintenance: Continue reading

Places in the tenement which your landlord will definitely check

Places in the tenement which your landlord will definitely checkIf you have some previous experience with living in a house rental, then you must know how important is to keep the place in the best possible condition. Regular cleaning is obligatory as well as being cautious not do damage anything.

If one day, you decide to move out, you’d better not have any great concerns about returning your deposit. You have to be prepared for that final check-in inventory. Here is what your landlord will likely look at:

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How to unclog a kitchen sink

How to unclog a kitchen sinkBelieve it or not, your kitchen sink is among the dirtiest places at home. No matter if it looks relatively clean, you may rest assured it hosts a colony of dirt and food leftovers. You might not be surprised to know that the majority of homeowners seek plumbing professionals to deal with the clogged kitchen sink. If you cannot afford it to hire a professional plumber or you are enthusiastic about solving the issue on your own, here are some proven tips and tricks you will find really helpful the next time you face that challenge. Continue reading

Lime – the new trendy colour in the kitchen

Lime - the new trendy colour in the kitchenGreen lemon, lime, bitter lime – call it as you want. That nice colour conquered more and more serious positions not only on catwalks but in the trends for home interior. This fashionable hue would be a good choice for your kitchen, don’t you think? Here is what you need to know about it: Continue reading

How to paint the walls like a pro

How to paint the walls like a proThe colours of the walls in each room at your home are important. They should make you, your family and guests feel comfortable. If you do not select the appropriate hues, then you are going to need a change after some time. Once you have bought the paint, the real part comes. Take a closer look at our pieces of advice: Continue reading