Bright red accents in the dining room

Bright red accents in the dining roomWhen was the last time you’ve been into a red dining room? Probably never, but red décor is getting trendier and trendier. Have you thought about making your place more stylish and exciting? If so, the red colour is the perfect choice. See why:

  • Style

Usually red is associated with passion and flames. After all, this is the colour of love. Red furniture is very catchy and vibrant.

  • History

The first time that red colour is being used widely, is by the bourgeois. In the past, there were no artificial paint. This made the colour extremely expensive. The first one who preferred it was Napoleon himself. Since that time, the red has established itself the reputation that is not for everyone.

  • Practical look

It may sound strange, but red is a practical colour. Unlike white it is not so easy to get dirty. Also stains are less visible. You must have in mind that deep scarlet red may get paler with time. That’s why brighter shades are advised, like apple red and carmine red. Do you insist on darker red? Well, then you’ll have to book a visitation of professional domestic cleaners more often. As professionals they can clean it without bleaching.

  • Red in the dining room

Red is especially suitable for bedrooms and dining rooms. Red bedrooms can be found more often. Simply because people prefer to bring style into that special room. Think about this: How many people make any strong accents in the dining room? I bet that they are not much. The reason for this is not the colour, but the room! And this is a mistake. Dining room is the place where you and your family spend a lot of your time. People don’t décor it because it is harder to maintain because of the food that is constantly there. You have to make sure that everything is clean. Also, consider oven cleaning more often. Because a lot of the stains are on this kitchen appliance.

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