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Wooden elements in the interior

Wooden elements in the interiorThe use of wooden elements in the interior is a common technique in the furnishing. But have you ever thought why? Wood is a natural material that could easily make your place comfortable and cozy.

The furniture is the most important factor that may contribute to the atmosphere. With the appropriate wood furniture you will easily achieve a nice look. Check out a few ideas: Continue reading

What do you know about eco styled furniture

What do you know about eco styled furnitureIn recent years, environmental style conquered all spheres of human activity. Such trends are actual in the interior too – natural materials, harmless paints and varnishes, handmade articles and earth tones. All artificial laminates not only look cheap and uncomfortable, but may even be harmful to your health. Toxic ingredients in materials, paints and varnishes pollute the air indoors. This is a serious problem, because it is proven to be connected to chronic lung disease and immune system disorders. So let nature enter into your home. Continue reading

Why should you choose limestone for your flooring

Why should you choose limestone for your flooringWhen planning a home renovation it is always good to have more than one option. Limestone flooring is excellent if you want to add some style and natural look of your home. Limestone is a rock found in the marine and freshwater sediment, it is primary composed of calcite and it occurs in a variety of forms and colours. There are many advantages of installing limestone flooring. Here are just some of them.

  • Limestone is known to be very attractive. Because of the larger variety of colours you can choose from, limestone flooring can be combined with every design.

Continue reading

Scandinavian style – rules and principles

Scandinavian style rules and principlesLooking for more stylish simplicity and a bit of today’s modern minimalism for your home? Well, then, your interior design is supposed to be Scandinavian one. Just like people from those countries, houses are arranged in a sleek and classical way. Of course, the authentic Scandinavian air is brilliantly preserved with some specific accents. Check out the main rules and principles in Scandinavian style right away. Continue reading

Invite Africa at home!

Invite Africa at homeAfrica is exotic and inspiring. When it comes to interior designs and home decoration ideas it might be used as a base for getting super stylish conceptions and furnishing. You can renovate and refresh your living space and add some absolutely gorgeous air into any room with the African-styled items and decoration pieces. So, in case you are up to do some modifications, simply invite Africa at home! We have gathered for you some lovely and creative ideas. Use them and transfer your house into a real oasis of beauty, originality and natural magnificence: Continue reading

Bright red accents in the dining room

Bright red accents in the dining roomWhen was the last time you’ve been into a red dining room? Probably never, but red décor is getting trendier and trendier. Have you thought about making your place more stylish and exciting? If so, the red colour is the perfect choice. See why:

  • Style

Usually red is associated with passion and flames. After all, this is the colour of love. Red furniture is very catchy and vibrant.

  • History

The first time that red colour is being used widely, is by the bourgeois. In the past, there were no artificial paint. This made the colour extremely expensive. The first one who preferred it was Napoleon himself. Since that time, the red has established itself the reputation that is not for everyone. Continue reading