The role of the sunshine for office premises

The role of the sunshine for office premisesWe can’t usually choose our workplace just the way we can’t choose our relatives. Whenever some of us look at the job offers we hardly think about the exact room and position situation. Below are some tips for you as an employer or employee for the importance of sunlight in working premise.

  • Sunlight is of essential importance for the good visibility in a room where people work. Artificial light is also an option, but use it only for the dark hours of the day where the area allows. Lamps may cause redness and dryness of the eyes and provoke headaches. Colours look different if not seen on daylight and this is very often misleading. That’s why if you have windows in the office, use them. They should not only be cleaned during the regular office cleaning but also used as the main source of light.
  • Sun plays a very important role for the warming of buildings. It’s a resource which we can use freely; it doesn’t require a monthly check and taxes to be paid. Some modern buildings are designed in a way that allows using the renewable solar power of this planet. The so called green power. If your office is not situated in such a building, there is information on the internet how to make “corrections” and find a way to take advantage of solar alternative power. For example, keep windows out of dust and dirt so that rays can penetrate without obstacles. Install window coverings which will keep the place cool in hot days and warm during cold ones. Mirrors, put on the precise location, reflect light and make the room look brighter and sunbathed.
  • Sunlight is crucial for our healthy disposition. Specialists have proved that the sun boosts the production of serotonin, which plays a major a role for the condition of our mood, appetite, sleep and memory. If this neurotransmitter’s level is low we are prone to depression and affective disorder. Factors which are inevitable obstacles when there are people around and routine communication is unavoidable. Those of you, who work in closed offices, try to snatch up a few minutes and enjoy the day light. It will clear up the mind and give your face a fresh complexion. For outside mobile workers, like builders, regular home cleaners, representatives, distributors, it is part of the job. Have you noticed their healthy looking suntan?

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