Celebrity Home Tour – Meg Ryan

Celebrity Home Tour – Meg RyanOur brand new heading will invite you to a pleasant and fascinating glamorous virtual tour through world`s most favourite celebrities. To start the column properly and in a really intriguing manner, we have decided to put a beginning with Meg Ryan’s wonderful ex home place. The house we would like to talk about in the next columns was one of the actress’s favourite homes. She used to share it with her ex husband back in the 90s:

  • Style and overview – the blond Hollywood sweetheart`s home was located in San Francisco in Florida, where Meg was sharing her happy family life with her husband. The atmosphere in this 3-floor and 6-bedroom Victorian-styled property was sincerely authentic, relaxing and of a full prosperity value. Being known as one of the cutest and most aristocratic female actresses, Ryan really deserved this brilliant bay-viewed Queen Anne-styled home.
  • More spaciousness was easily achieved by removing most of the doors and walls inside Meg`s house. In addition to this, Meg used to rely on warm beige nuances that gorgeously match with tiny details in dynamic dark shadows.
  • The shapes and furniture arrangement were sleek and smooth. There was nothing needless, although the house was obviously perfectly ordered and filled with all the contemporary extras and home items. Decors used to be modern, transparent and made of glass and white nuances, while materials were both – strictly eco-friendly in the kitchen and the living rooms plus artificial leathers and plastic adorning.
  • Accents and specifications. The main decorating conceptions inside the fascinating Meg Ryan`s house were mainly drawn and patterned. The actress, for instance, had placed only one single carpet in her house. However, the environments in the rooms weren’t empty or incomplete at all. Plus – Meg still admits that what she really hates in housekeeping is carpet cleaning.  She is more ready to stay in the laundry or dealing with greasy stains than rubbing spots on the floor.
  • The greenery element inside Meg Ryan’s new home place in California was dense and attractive. What was really interesting here, though, was that the actress separates inside from the outside life. She wasn’t overcrowd her house with plants and sticks to the regularity in home arrangement, while her patio was a large exotic oasis full of various species and rare sorts.

For her lovely home Meg used to use both – professional housekeeping services and her personal temporary desires to redecorate or refresh the living space!

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