Signs of hormonal imbalance

Signs of hormonal imbalanceUsually we connect hormonal imbalance with work of ovary, but they are neither the only one, nor the most important endocrine organ. The greatest impact on our health have pituitary and hypothalamus. They are located in the brain. Check out these signs which prove hormonal imbalance:

  • Sharp weakening in case of good appetite. This may be connected with overfunction of thyroid gland. In this case, the weakening is usually accompanied by other symptoms, seemingly insignificant, but which complete the puzzle – unreasonably palpitations, excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), irritability, sudden changes of mood and sleep disorders.

  • Gaining weight without a change in lifestyle and diet. Unexplained weight gain accompany many endocrine disorders. If it’s accompanied by dry skin, constant fatigue and drowsiness, falls and fragility of hair, it can be assumed like decrease in thyroid function. So, visit a doctor and entrust the end of tenancy cleaning to the local professionals.
  • The skin itching is one of the symptoms of high blood sugar and can be an early sign of diabetes. Typical is also the constant thirst, dry mouth, frequent and copious urination. You can’t get an answer for these problems from your domestic cleaners, you know that.
  • Signs of an endocrine disorder are usually vague and slightly prominent, but the surest way to discard or confirm them is your hormonal evaluation. Any deviation from the norm is the occasion to visit an endocrinologist who will appoint additional research and appropriate treatment.

Pay attention at these signs and take the necessary measures on time!

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