Top 5 cardio myths to debunk

Top 5 cardio myths debunkedWhile losing weight it is essential to combine proper diet with workout routine. Yet, there have been some myths that cardio can help you lose weight a lot faster than usual. Time to debunk that:

  • The more cardio you do, the faster you lose weight. Some consider that the equivalent between caloric intake and outtake should be even and cardio is what makes the body burn them faster. The problem with that is it loses the wrong kind of weight. Cardio exercise burns both fat and muscle, which for sure is not the result a woman wants.

  • Any cardio that is less than an hour is not worth the try. Absolutely wrong! It has been proven that a few short sessions of intense cardio is equal to 50 min fast walking or 1 hour of post tenancy cleaning.
  • Always perform cardio on an empty stomach. This myth claims that if there are no calories as intake before workout, then it will start burning the fat depots it has as a reserve. The problem with that is the body does not function that way. It is a matter of having energy to conduct energetic actions.
  • Concentrate on the “fat burning zone”. The very total calories that the body burns are strongly related to the intensity of the workout. And it will have to be with the proper pace. Just like the correct detergents for a proper carpet cleaning.
  • Running or cycling equals legs strength workout. Not at all true. It is important to burn calories and build up muscle. This cannot be done if you focus only on cardio.

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