The trace element iodine – why do we need it?

The trace element iodine - why do we need it?We all know that iodine is necessary for the activity of the thyroid gland. Less known is that the same nutrient stimulates the creation of patrol cells of our immune system, that literally eat up foreign invaders (bacteria, viruses, fungi) and their damaged (infected or cancerous) cells. Therefore, iodine deficiency causes violation in metabolism, causes the development of goiter and decreased immunity, and in some cases even leads to the appearance of cancer. Learn more:

  • At first glance, such a risk should not exist because our body needs very small amounts of this nutrient – 2 mcg per kilogram of body weight for adults and double for adolescents, pregnant and breastfeeding women. This means that even the maximum daily need can not exceed 400 mcg. In some areas, however, people find it hard to obtain even these amounts. The reason for this is that the iodine is highly soluble in water and is easily washed out of the soil by rain, especially in forests and rocky areas far from the sea. Plants in these areas, also milk and meat are poor in iodine. Share this information with your tenancy cleaners.
  • Therefore, in most countries is practiced salt iodization – spice that every day each of us consumes. Simple solution, but unfortunately, not always effective. First, because potassium iodide, which is enriched ordinary table salt is unstable compound, which literally evaporates at long storage, exposure to sunlight and long cooking. Therefore, it is best to use sea salt – it naturally contains in a stable condition all important life micronutrients, including iodine. You can use salt in various sanitising methods, but when it comes to upholstery cleaning, better trust the professionals.
  • Moreover, on the need for iodine our usual menu influences. For example, isoflavones in soy products increase the need for trace elements by 100%.

The richest source of iodine, however, remains water. Therefore, it is best to consume mineral water, which has an optimum amount of trace elements.

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