Alternative ways of cleaning your teeth

Alternative ways of cleaning your teethWhen you are accidentally out of salt in the evening, you can just knock on the neighbor’s door to borrow some salt. But if suddenly you see that you are out of toothpaste, it’s not appropriate to ask your neighbor to give you some. There are alternatives for cleaning the teeth, which can save you in this situation:

  • Dental floss. Usually it is used as a supplement to washing with toothpaste, but when there is no such, the replacement is a good option. With dental floss you will clean interdental spaces where generally food residues are accumulated.
  • Baking soda. Its abrasive composition makes it an ideal tool for cleaning teeth. Soda can be sprinkled on a slightly damp brush. Many toothpastes contain soda. In addition to cleaning action, it gently whitens teeth too. In addition, you know that baking soda is also used in domestic cleaning.
  • Salt and salt solutions. Himalayan salt solution is used by many people who are trying to limit the synthetic products in their lives. Himalayan crystal salt was formed many years ago as a result of geological process in the Himalayas. It contains about 84 different trace elements. The probability to have in your home Himalayan salt is small, so you can use something more widespread. Sea salt mixed with drops of olive oil, have the same effect as a paste. Be careful not to spill the olive oil on your rug, because carpet cleaning will be a huge challenge after that.
  • Gum. This is an option for cleaning of teeth not only when you do not have paste, but while traveling too. The aroma of mint or fruit freshens breath.

Can you share some other interesting ways to clean your teeth without use of ordinary toothpaste?

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