Sports during pregnancy

Sports during pregnancyPregnancy is not a reason to give up exercise. Maintaining good physical shape during this period is not only possible, but also necessary for your health. Of course, before you start to deal with any sport or continue with your existing sports, you should consult with your doctor, because every pregnancy proceeds differently and you must avoid unpleasant consequences for you and the fetus. The most suitable exercises during pregnancy are walking, swimming and cycling.

    • Walking. This is the surest way to keep in shape during pregnancy. Even if for health reasons other sports are banned for you, walking will help you keep fit and will not allow your muscles to atrophy. During the walk, you should watch the position of your back – it should not be too backward, and the load on the muscles of the abdomen and the back must be spread evenly. Very useful in this case is the support belt for pregnant women. Moreover, while walking you have to watch a few steps forward, not your feet. This will avoid overloading the muscles of the neck and shoulders. It is best to do several short walks a day because long walking can have a negative impact on the joints of the hips and pelvis. In case you want to do some office cleaning London, avoid work with detergents. They’re toxic and will make you feel bad.
    • Swimming. This is the best workout for pregnant women, because in the water you do not need to tense yourself too much – your weight is decreased six times. Furthermore, the pressure of the water retains fluids in the body and reduces swelling of the hands and feet. Swimming is a good way to maintain the tone of the body, and with minimal load on joints. If you decide to practice swimming during pregnancy, it is important to know that you can enter and dive into the water slowly, even in the first weeks. Another important condition is to swim in the calm pace without diving and sharp turns.

  • Bicycle. You can ride your bicycle through the whole period of pregnancy, as this will not have a big load on your joints. If you start, however, from the second trimester, it is desirable to reduce the pace of training – you must be careful and to avoid exhaustion and dehydration. When it comes to carpet cleaning London, better leave it to professionals. Stay away from dust mites and stains.

Well, if you’re pregnant, these sports will be helpful if you do them right.

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