Win the battle with excess weight – Feng shui advices

Win the battle with excess weightThe problem with excess weight is quite serious nowadays. According to the ancient Chinese teaching Feng Shui, there are several factors, which are responsible: extra pounds, redundant thoughts, unnecessary items at home. In your busy schedule, you rarely have time and opportunity to care for yourself as you should do. If you follow a diet but you don’t see any obvious benefit, don’t blame the diet! Change your way of thinking – look at our tips:

  • Learn how to say “no” – If you’re one of those people who believe that chocolate just “tells” them to eat it, the situation is bad.  If you see any food, which you love, just be able to stop yourself;
  • Don’t divide food of “good” and “bad” – Food can’t have human characteristics. Better learn its ingredients and how to combine them for optimal results. Balanced way of eating is an effective way not only for weight loss but for a healthy lifestyle;
  • You don’t start a diet from tomorrow. Or from Monday. The postponement is not a solution. A diet doesn’t mean starving. It is a kind of schedule and it’s each and every day;
  • Move – practice some sports, dance! Thanks to movement you will have more rapid and satisfactory results;
  • Not all fats are bad! Fats are even important – especially Omega-3 fatty acids contained in fish, nuts and seeds. Limit, but don’t stop the use of full-fat dairy products and fatty meat;
  • Do you prefer a cup of juice instead of soda? This is harmful. You better eat a fruit. Sports drinks contain a lot of sugar, but are more low-calorie than juices. But water remains the best.

Feng Shui claims that the main problem of excess weight is precisely the lack of power. If you can’t manage your personal time and nutrition, you will not succeed. If you’re not organised and you don’t have strength, time or desire to run one off cleaning at home or tidy up your wardrobe, you will hardly find time for fitness, healthy food and etc. It will be too difficult for you to follow any diet, too.

If you want to get rid of unnecessary thoughts (and weight), start with this:

  • Every day throw something old away. Of course, in practice it is not an easy task. We all have old possessions, bound by memories. Or just you like them too much. However, consider how many of these “valuable” items you really use. Then release your home from them;
  • Firstly, collect your old books and magazines and bring them in the nearest library. This is not the case for the old recipes for salads and books for healthy food that you’re going to need!;
  • Let’s talk about closet – Feng Shui specialists say that any old clothes should be discarded. Resolve finally the familiar drama – the wardrobe is “crowded” but you still have “nothing to wear”!

When was the last time you actually performed any of these actions?

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