Gym behind the office desk

Gym behind the deskEven though life today becomes busier and busier, most people lead sedentary lifestyle. Even though you are always on a rush and you don’t have enough time for anything – especially for hobby or sport – it seems that movements and dynamic are missing in your routine. But life is about the dynamic and the movements, isn’t it? Absolute lack of them is usually due to the typical office job at the desk, which most of you have.

On the other side, scientists have already proved that physical exercise improves working capacity and optimises the work of human brain – especially in the working environment and during working process. Plus – constant ordinary position behind the office desk causes neck pains, cramps in the legs and faster appearance of tiredness.

However, experts claim that a little bit gym behind the office desk reduces these aches and preserves office people cheerful and brisk for a longer. Check out some alternatives for physical burdens as a relaxation from mental work:

  • Use the corporative fitness center – big companies and offices provide full pack of extras and facilities for their workers – regular visitations of professional teams for office cleaning, healthy meal courses for lunch and even an entire office gym. Don’t miss the opportunity to make some moves here and to combine the pleasant with the useful.
  • Change your pose – standing up and sitting back behind the computer by changing the posture in the course of an hour will reduce the pains in your back and it will give you the chance to make few walks around your office. Your eyes will also get some rest from this exercise.
  • Take the advantage of the spaciousness – if you are lucky to have a large and spacious office area, use it properly. Find a place between the office desk and the equipment. Lay a rug and practice some yoga in the small breaks of 15 minutes.
  • Bestir yourself and cheer up – make rounded movements with your head and add some stretching for your hands to distract yourself. Include music in the gym exercise.
  • Do something useful – do some office cleaning or order folders over and over again. Besides some movement, you will finally get a proper organisation of your office area.

Just because you are at work, it doesn’t mean you are stuck here! Stand up and move!

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