Pyjamas party at home

Slumber partyPyjamas parties have double meaning according to the circle of invited guests. In the beginning of its history pajamas parties were known as teenage home parties that include sleeping overnight at a friend’s place. Actually, this first staying out of home for the night was considered as the icing on the cake. That is why the dress code for the party is namely pyjamas. However, the sweet and pleasant idea to have a party at home and in a comfy outfit has turned to be liked by adults, as well.
Eventually, the pyjamas party has got another aspect – receiving guests in an informal environment, having relaxation and leisure time with closest people without the glamour of expensive night hot clubs and last, but not least – throwing a sexy party with pyjamas dress code and exotic cocktails! In both cases pyjamas parties are easy to be organised and very entertaining. See some lovely ideas and smart tips for a pyjamas party at home:

  • Start with original invitation – it can be either a quip text message or a real post card with sleeping babies as an image! If you accept the pyjamas party even more seriously, send a pair of pyjamas to each of your coming guests!
  • Dress code – as a host, you should better select something comfy and dark to avoid spills and stains! A set of elegant dressing gown, though, can be quite nice to have a great appearance during the party, too! Mini night gown can be also picked up, if you want to make the party hotter…
  • The menu – one of the greatest features of the pyjamas party is preparing the menu. Delicacies and special meals or full course menus aren’t needed! Chips, sandwiches, candies, cookies, popcorn, nuts and ice cream for the summer season and the maudlin movies for your girlish company are super! As for the drinks, mix some smoothies and buy some juices! No alcohol, maybe only beer…!
  • Supply your bedroom with intellectual games, books to discuss, photo albums to remember the old days, nice movies to watch, old records of TV shows and of course, some music for a great mood!

With the simple décor and the easy to be prepared menu with fast food and picnic lunch products, the after party cleaning for the pyjamas party isn’t a challenge at all! This is the other great advantage of such an enjoyable way to spend time together with your friends.

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