Home party “No boys allowed”

home partyEven the biggest party people need some time off. But who said that staying home can’t be fun. The Earth is turning so fast lately that many of us, the girls, can’t find opportunity to spend some quality time with their friends. Take some time to catch up with your friends and see how it can be not only fun but also useful.

  • Set a theme: casserole exchange, sushi for beginners, fashion swap, pizza or grill party – the possibilities are infinite.

  • Get everybody involved. Send everybody the recipes, organise the bar (what kind of drinks, will the guests bring some and so on). If it’s going to be food exchange night, prepare take away bags and boxes.
  • Be careful with allergies and other emergencies. When you organise activities that involve many people these little things can be crucial. Get everybody informed if some products, spices or nuts are not allowed.
  • Check out your equipment. Do you have all necessary stuff for the party? If you organise fondue, do you have one? If you organise cocktail party, do you have shaker and other instruments for the purpose? Don’t worry if you have lack of something, check in time and ask the others, someone may have and bring it with her.
  • Useful idea: if you are moving out, make swap stuff party or fashion exchange or “Go green”. This way you will have fun and your friends will help with the end of lease cleaning. Turn the fun into helpful.
  • Check the surfaces. See if your countertops are heatproof, if they are not; get trivets for the hot dishes. You don’t want this party to be the beginning of a renovation right? Although such theme also can be arranged, but when it comes to renovation, guys are useful manpower.
  • Get the terrain ready. If you have hired regular cleaners, preparation won’t be a problem. You will have to just put the decoration – depending on the topic – flowers, Japanese figures, scented sticks or candles for spa treatment party and so on.
  • Get all products, ingredients and other things ready from the night before the party. This way you won’t need to run to the market or elsewhere to fetch something forgotten.
  • Distribute responsibility. One secret of the great managers is that they don’t do everything themselves. Learn to share the tasks, that’s how your guests won’t feel just like guests but they will have involvement and participation in the whole thing. This will make them feel easily at home and that’s quite a good base for fantastic party.

Now go put the drinks on the bar, get some ice cubes ready in the fridge and call your friends. Let the party planning begin!

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