Zoning of your home – rules

Zoning of your home - rulesZoning of the property is an effective method of organising a home with a smaller space. Proper zoning of the apartment creates comfort, makes the room more spacious and contributes to its functionality. See how to divide your home into zones:

  • When is necessary zoning of the apartment? Zoning is recommended at home with limited space or with large open spaces. These are usually one- or two small apartments, studios or lofts. The zones shall be determined according to the specific needs of residents – however sleeping area, cooking area, zone for guests are mandatory. If the family has a child, having separation and children’s area is also recommended. You can ask the home cleaners for advice if you wish. They’ve seen so many apartments and houses and their opinion will be valuable.
  • Methods for zoning of the apartment. Interior designers have defined a variety of methods for zoning a dwelling. You may benefit from the strength of the light, making lighting more muted in one area and brighter in the other. Others zone the house with a difference in altitude via positioning a threshold or platform. Colors also promote proper separation. The most frequently used contrast combinations optically enlarge the room. The idea is that each color corresponds to one zone. If a zoned house is painted in one color, it will look smaller. Moreover, bright colors create mood and give a modern look. As a method in the zoning of the house is also used the alternation of different floor coverings (terracotta to flooring, carpet to floor). Do we need to mention, that one off sanitising is mandatory from time to time?
  • Cooking zone – take advantage of the ideas and tips for small kitchen to organize maximum practical space. Separate kitchen area with a bar, which you can use as a dining area.
  • Sleeping – it is advisable to have a visible division with other areas. Some separate the bedroom with a wall of plasterboard, curtain or screen, while others place it on a higher place. Combine the bed with a chest to keep some blankets or clothes in it.
  • Area for guests – sometimes it coincides with the zone of sleep, if the owners enjoy a sofa bed. Others use comfortable armchairs and coffee table like a mini area for guests.
  • Working area – its presence is not mandatory and depends on whether you wear homework. A little desk in a niche and an adjacent shelf are enough.
  • Area for children – kids should occupy the warmest and the brightest place at home. Kid’s corner may be separated from other areas via colors (with delicate pastel shades). Another way of separation is via barrier, so that the child is not distracted when it comes time to sleep or study. Use practical furniture.

What about your home. Is it small and does it need zoning?

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