Frequent mistakes when choosing office furniture

Choosing office furnitureLet’s start with the difference between choosing office and home furniture. Office is the place where you spend most of your waking time and it should be combination between look, security and comfort on the highest possible level, at home you and your family should feel good, so comfort here is the main criteria. In your office you can’t make compromises when it comes to appearance because it is your main advertising – the way it looks, the sense it gives to your partners and customers and what it says about your professionalism. But people make mistakes, and some of the most frequent are:

    • Unplanned purchase. When it comes to the office space you can do such purchase when it comes to decoration (vase, picture, statue, etc.), but not for furniture. Buy only furniture that suits your needs: comfy stylish sofas for work that requires a lot of meetings; nice cabinets for storage space if you have a lot of paperwork and so on.

  • Comfort on a second place. As we noted a couple of times, comfort should be on the same step as the look (your personal look won’t be quite good if you are uncomfortable). Good desk and perfect office chair are one of the first investments you should make starting business. Height, width and the size of your room are the three important dimensions, and for the chair, of course, the support and the softness of the seat. Considering these dimensions, also keep in mind that if you are renting the space, you will need to be able to move out before the end of lease cleaning, so the furniture should be also not too heavy.
  • Devaluating items in name of the price. Price and quality are usually in big dependence. Sometimes things that have lower price, make you pay more  in the long run – backaches from cheap uncomfortable chair; headache from old computer and so on. Invest, don’t buy; your furniture and appliances will be more expensive, but also they will have bigger value that will pay back in time.
  • The right materials and fabrics. This will reflect on look, longevity and durability of the furniture and also on your office sanitising process. Choose high quality materials, easy for maintaining, stain resistant and if possible with multiple purposes.
  • Lack of flexibility. Your team can grow; your customers’ number can increase, so think in positive perspective. Furniture in the office should be able to take such extension, at least till the room allows. That’s why you started business, didn’t you?

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