Scandinavian style – rules and principles

Scandinavian style rules and principlesLooking for more stylish simplicity and a bit of today’s modern minimalism for your home? Well, then, your interior design is supposed to be Scandinavian one. Just like people from those countries, houses are arranged in a sleek and classical way. Of course, the authentic Scandinavian air is brilliantly preserved with some specific accents. Check out the main rules and principles in Scandinavian style right away.

  • Clean lines to focus on elegance. Nothing is too much in the Scandinavian interior. However, these people are practical enough to keep all the necessary items always at hand. The flawless craftsmanship, though, is understood as a key accent.
  • The importance of use of light. Besides the light nuances they add in the interior, Scandinavians will never abandon the natural light in the expense of giant furniture or artificial lighting system. Make sure the window treatment is light and soft.
  • Spaciousness on a pedestal. To achieve that without depriving of basic household items, Scandinavians are willing to purchase contemporary modules and folding furniture. For example, 75% of them have their home offices. And do you know why their home office cleaning is so fast and easy? Well, because they keep the home office “hidden” as a part of a transforming furniture module.
  • Scandinavian style fireplaceFloor principle. Carpets are abandoned by Scandinavians. The fluffy, too bright or rich floor isn’t their cup of tea. Instead, the interior here is covered with sleek linoleum, tiles or parquet.
  • Grey fairytale. Some of you might tell that such a colour scheme borders on depression. As a matter of fact, no, Scandinavians use this shades only for bases. Their real accents and decors are bright, interesting and mostly alive – plants and greenery.
  • Best materials. Due to the love of natural materials, Scandinavians take the full pack of benefits of using the assistance, provided by regular home cleaners. The interior is deep in wood, solid textures and stones.
  • Main accents. Among the Scandinavian interior, they are the fire place, the weird standby alone decor, English Victorian air and book shelves or a whole library.

Last, but not least, forget about cheap furniture or household items. Scandinavians are very pretentious, when it comes to luxurious and practical things.

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