Sports, sleep, sun, smile – the winning formula

Sports, sleep, sun, smileIt’s also called the SSSS. These four essentials are in the base of every healthy lifestyle. You wonder how this can happen?! Happy people are healthy people and healthy people find balance in life following a couple of simple advices. Look what they are:

  • Sun. It’s the biggest star in our galaxy. It’s also the reason for the life’s existence. Human’s organism can’t function properly if it doesn’t get enough light and warm from the natural source – the sun. Sun light helps our body to produce vitamin D which helps our bones to be tough and to grow. The lack of this vitamin causes rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults. Indeed it allows our body to absorb more calcium that it can on its own. So the advice is: stay outside enough but be wise and protect yourself with sunscreens.

  • Sport. Activity is what makes us alive. Although many people skip training, it is essential for our health. Not only it allows us to stay fit and active longer, but also during sport your body produces the happiness hormone, serotonin. If you can’t practice conventional sport, invent your own. For example, home cleaning jumbo practice. Include your cleaning activities and try to add some extra movement – squat instead of bending, wave your legs while ironing and so on. Try to perform professional carpet treatment for extra challenge and don’t forget to think positive through the whole process. It will enhance your results.
  • Smile. It’s hard to say what comes first – the smile or the positivism. Truth is they are deeply connected and one can’t go without the other. Researches prove that people who smile more are tend to think more positively. To get the benefits of it, look at the little things around you – smile to the sun, to the birds, even to the kids and strangers on the street. In time you will start noticing that more and more people will smile back and your inner world will become brighter and happier.
  • Sleep. It’s the third part of the healthy lifestyle trinity: sport, sleep and nutrition. For good sleep you need to reduce the stress levels and to arrange safe and pleasant sleeping surrounding. Don’t clutter your bedroom and don’t skip it during home cleaning. Actually, the end of tenancy cleaners will be grateful for these two when it’s time for you to move out.

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