Check out these 4 must-have items if you’re planning for baby

Check out these 4 must-have items if you are planning for babyIn order to be well-prepared for the arrival of your wonderful new bundle of joy, start collecting some necessary items. These days, baby products abound in marketplace. As a young parent, you may be confused which items are must-haves and which are an extra. Therefore we have prepared this quick guide to what every new parent should purchase:

  • Car seat. Provide your beloved newborn an appropriate homecoming with a brand new car seat. It’s not recommended to rely on a second hand seat, because you’re not sure what is its history and whether it has been damaged.

  • Mattress. Make your little one feel comfortable by ensuring it new, firm mattress. Here, it’s also important to buy a new one instead of counting on an older one. Second hand mattress may be contaminated with feces and urine, so don’t make that mistake. Just as you are strict when it comes to domestic cleaning, use the same approach when it comes to your baby’s hygiene.
  • Pacifier. There are breastfeeding parents who have doubts and mixed feelings when it comes to usage of a pacifier. However, experts recommend giving a pacifier for night sleep when the newborn is at least a month old.
  • First aid supplies. It’s essential to check if you have proper first aid supplies in your house. In case your baby gets hurt or sick, you must be well-prepared to help him/her. Keep in mind that your small medicine cabinet should be well-equipped with diaper rash ointments, bandages, thermometer, antibacterial ointments, non-aspirin liquid pain relievers, cotton balls, topical lotions. Stock some cotton balls at your workplace too. They may be used by office cleaners to soothe cuts and scratches.

Your offspring will make your life fulfilling and adoring. Just be reasonable and watch out to provide all the needed items in order to raise your baby in a safe and hygienic environment.

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