What do you know about artificial sweeteners?

What do you know about artificial sweeteners?Most people who are interested in healthy eating already have one in mind for the side effects of aspartame – the most widely used sugar substitute. On the agenda remains the question what are the alternatives of it, if for some reason we can not or do not want to consume simple sugars, including the healthiest ones as honey, maple syrup and molasses. Here are more details on the topic:

  • The most common sweeteners that we can meet in food or as a supplement can be divided into two types – natural and synthetic. The already mentioned Aspartame refers to synthetic, with Acesulfame K, saccharin and cyclamate. What is common between them besides chemical origin? All are hundreds of times sweeter than sugar and are not absorbed by the body, which means that the calorific value is equal or close to zero. It sounds great, but that’s the hidden danger from them. There are serious doubts that these substances accumulate in our organs and can cause cancer. Even your domestic cleaners Fulham know that.
  • For example, cyclamates (E952) in the gastrointestinal tract break down to tsiklaheksalamin – a substance with a proven carcinogenic effect on experimental animals, and possibly for us humans. Even in 1970 this sweetener is banned in the US, and later in many EU countries. The biggest danger is for kidney patients, pregnant and nursing mothers.
  • Similar data are known for saccharin (E954), which is derived from carcinogenic substance toluene.
  • Acesulfame K – the second most popular artificial sweetener in soft drinks after Aspartame is also suspected of carcinogenicity, but so far without serious evidence. One thing is certain – this sweetener in the body breaks down to methyl, which stimulates the nervous system.
  • Now let’s talk about taste. Artificial sweeteners mimic the taste of sugar … but not quite. Saccharin and Acesulfame K have bitter metallic taste. So in most foods sweeteners are combined to compensate each other’s shortcomings. Do you think that your carpet cleaners Chiswick know that?

Our advice is to eat healthy foods, fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

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