Computer and our eyesight

Computer and our eyesightWhat is the difference between the screen image and the natural view? Screen image is itself a source of light, not only reflection. Try long stare at the light and you will see the difference. When you move your gaze from the screen to the keyboard (and possibly textbook) your eyes have to constantly reset and get tired more quickly. Additional pressure is imported by glare of screen, from lamp or daylight, high brightness, proximity to the monitor or in other words – ignorance or inability to properly organize your workspace. Learn more details:

  • If this happens only for an hour or two a day, you would not have any effect on your vision. Much of us, however, spend not only their entire day at the computer, but also lots of free time.
  • Complaints that may occur during prolonged staring at the screen are two types: Optical – in this group reduced visual acuity, impaired accommodation (the eye’s ability to quickly refocus from near to distant objects and vice versa), split images, rapid fatigue in reading are included.
  • Physical – these are pain and burning in the eyes, the feeling that we have grit under the eyelids, redness, discomfort when moving eyes.
  • As to reassure ourselves that these ailments are only temporary, research relentlessly show that people who spend most of their day in front of the monitor, are much more prone to develop myopia and other permanent vision impairment compared with their peers. Nevertheless, it’s not possible to avoid the computer in the modern way of life. You are constantly in the web, either in social networks, or browsing end of tenancy cleaning hacks.
  • We recommend you to visit an ophthalmology specialist to “capture” on time any new visual impairment.
  • Use artificial tears that moisturize the eye and prevent the feeling of sand under the eyelids.
  • To limit (as far as it allows our profession) using the computer to 4 hours a day.
  • Do not forget the mandatory breaks every 40-45 minutes. The office cleaners however are not endangered, because their workspace is not in front of the screen.

What about you? Do you feel discomfort when working long time in front of computer?

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