Visit the Sensational Butterflies event in London!

Sensational butterfiles event in LondonCome and see the most delicate and beautiful insects in the world – the butterflies – at the amazing Sensational Butterflies event in London! If you are a fan of these gorgeous creatures or you are wondering how to diverse the boring daily routines, this show will definitely cheer you up and show you one of the most tender and inspiring part of the nature! Become a part of a long-lasting learning plus having fun event! Change your attitude towards the surrounding environment by devoting a couple of hours to the butterflies!

  • The Sensational Butterflies event takes place at the Natural History Museum in the Cromwell Road in London. You can use the local subway and get off the South Kensington Tube. Only few meters by feet walk you away from the place of the event. Get a ticket for the show in advance, because there is a high possibility for you to miss this stunning experience!
  • The butterfly London show has been already started and you can see it till September. The world’s most famous experts in butterflies have gathered to show you the rarest species such as blue morpho, swallowtail, moon moth and so many other tropical kinds. You are also offered with a bunch of collection captured from several unknown and wild areas all around Southeast Asia, South America and Africa.
  • Of course, the most amazing thing among all the activities and learning courses at the Sensational Butterflies event is the chance to see the transformation process of these flattering creatures. Usually, only 10 to 15 % of the rarest butterflies succeed to survive the metamorphosis, but thanks to the extra cares of the host during the event – Luke Brown – the number is even bigger. Almost 80% of the butterflies from the Sensational Butterflies show will transform and it will happen in front of your eyes!
  • Besides everything else, the Sensational Butterflies promises a lot of music and treating programs you can become a part of! Come and enjoy a stunning show with hundreds of smiles, delicious dishes, relaxing music and flower gardens!

This is the sixth time, when the Sensational Butterflies event takes place in London! The show will be massive, so make sure you will be there!

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