Perform the routine domestic chores with your children

Perform the routine domestic chores with your childrenSmart housewife doesn’t do housewifery alone. Be a genius leader and lead your family toward teamwork that will ease your life. Learn to distribute and depute duties not only to yourself and in the limits of your personal time. If you can make this work you will have a lot of benefits, not only less broken nails. Check a couple of ideas how to turn the kids not only in care, but also in assistants:

  • Game in. This strategy works best with small children, but you can adjust it and try it with your teens too. Instead of spending day and night trying to get your home in order, play captain if you have boys and queen if you have girls. Let them be your soldiers or ladies-in-waiting, assign the duties and check them after they are done.
  • Law and order. Discipline is essential (not like the one of the Buddhist monk), so start training the kids as early as possible. They should know their responsibilities, punishments and rewards. The best companies around the world have strict rules that are keeping them going forward. Give them personal example by doing your duties properly and on time as much as possible. Try regular domestic cleaners style – set days and duration for the cleaning. You may also add and list of the needed activities. Children unconsciously repeat their parents’ behavior, so your example will take over them like avalanche.
  • Show you believe. Respect and appreciation go long way when it comes to work and building healthy relationship with your children. Giving tasks to them doesn’t allow you to criticize them constantly. Let them ask you for help if they need it. Don’t impose your working style or understandings, explain what you want and expect and let them ask you if they need anything. They may do it wrong once or twice but these are valuable lessons that are better learned at home.
  • Together. Make chores valuable not only by its outcome, but also by the process. Make the time for cleaning and organizing valuable family time. This way the post tenancy cleaning may turn from nightmare into one funny family adventure. Try to make as much as possible with your children; you don’t know how fast they will grow up.

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