The most attractive Halloween treats for children

The most attractive Halloween treats for childrenTreat, treat… What you imagine hearing this word? And do you imagine the children’s faces sensing the sweets? One of the reasons Halloween to be such a loved celebration is: the candies. Let’s see what the favorite sweets of the children are:

    • Velvet eyeballs. Round cakes white chocolate dipped with painted or glued pupils and irises. For more terrifying touch, you can add some strawberry “blood” for freshly taken out effect.
    • Mice of chocolate. Shape the mice from still warm chocolate and use different colors to make the nose, ears and eyes. If it sounds too hard, just shape truncated cone from the chocolate and use syringe to draw all details of the animal.

    • Sugar shapes. They are easy to make and very swanky. Depending on your desires and imagination, you can make different shapes, sizes and colors. If your child or you are throwing a party, surprise your guests with eatable skeleton. You can use pattern from anatomy school book and make all needed (visible) bones, kids will love being “man-eaters”. Don’t give up also the popular skulls, you can find ready made shapes in the stores.
    • Ghost pops. They are super easy to make. Get pound cake from the shop, mix butter, lemon and sugar. Shape the mixture into mounds and dip in chocolate. Finish the ghosts with contrast frosting for the eyes. While making them, be careful! Carpet sanitising just before party or celebration is not a good idea.
    • Mini pumpkins. Use mini half-sphere shaped cakes. Cover them with orange glaze and get dark licorices for the stems. If you want to add bonus surprise, inject them with cream or jam filling.
  • Web cupcakes. This is the top treat for lazy or very busy housewives. Even if you are in the middle of end of lease cleaning, you can make them for literally minutes. Prepare the cupcakes (you can get them from shop too). Let them cool and cover with liquefied brown chocolate, than make circles on it with white chocolate and use stick to “pull” the web.


Don’t trust only on sweets for the best Halloween ever! If the party is at your home, prepare some games and events to keep your guests and children entertained. Shoo the demons with a sweet smile and good mood.


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