Different types of housewives – habits and features

Different types of housewivesEverybody has personality, but people have things that unite them in different categories – by nationality, by profession, by social status and so on. The same you see with the housewives. But in a different way. This is the oldest role of a woman but nowadays they have changed. They have different features and different habits and this is exactly what is meant here:

  • Classical housewife. She is the “root”. Cooking, cleaning and washing are the activities where she feels at her waters. Her home is her kingdom. She takes care of her family and she doesn’t work in the general sense “having job”. She spends a lot of time mastering classical recipes and home tricks. Probably she knows how to knit and braid.

  • Eco-housewife. Her home is like a temple of the nature. Herbs, fresh fruits and vegetables and all sorts of healthy things can be found in her kitchen. There is a big chance for her (and her family) to be vegetarian and eco activist. Her clothes and furniture are made from natural materials – stone, wood, cotton, etc. Even if she needs professional carpet treatment, she will order it with requirement of eco-friendly methods and products. Another feature is that she probably has a garden – in the backyard or in pots on the terrace.
  • Hi-tech housewife. This is something like thenerd of the housewives. Vacuum with timer and remote control, smart washing machine and air-conditioner – she tried to give “brain” to her home. In free time she likes to browse the net for new inventions that can be accommodated in her house. She is adventurous in the technical sense of the world and probably she would be one of the first people to live in robotic house where you can command everything with remote or with voice control. Even her clothes are “high-tech”, made of the newest fabrics by the newest technologies.
  • High-level housewife. She has considerable bank account and it’s visible from her home, decoration and appearance. This woman doesn’t do post tenancy cleaning either because the house is her own, or because she prefer to hire people to do it for her. She considers herself for an aristocrat and she doesn’t get dirty, so probably she has maids to take care of the housework and other things.
  • The ex-team leader. There are two subspecies of this type – commander and leader. Commander’s home is like army camp, leader tries to incorporate the power of all family members into the task of family well-being. The common is the organisation-like family structure and home decoration. These women are bosses in and out of the doorway and you notice it in the very beginning.

Note that these are types of housewives and not types of women. There are women that are just not suitable for housewives and this is neither good, nor bad. Did you find yourself?

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