Make your home cleaning funny and memorable experience – useful tips

Funny home cleaningThe long awaited weekend is finally here, but your face is without your beautiful smile. Why? Maybe the reason is that you’re looking your messy house area and all you see is clutter, cobwebs, filth and thick layers of dust. Your soul cries: “Oh, God! Why me?” Before sinking in despair, read our smart advices of how to make your sanitising process funny and exciting:

  • What is your biggest temptation? Probably sweets – cakes, puddings or chocolate? Whatever you intend to clean, keep your eyes on the prize afterwards. Imagine the incredible feeling of melting chocolate in your mouth, right after you finish with vacuum cleaning and floor mopping. Are you already motivated to do some wiping and scrubbing?

  • What about your favourite music? Put it on and start dusting your shelves and furniture. You will be drifted to the beat of the music and you won’t feel the annoying and tedious household chore, you’re accomplishing in the moment. Sing, dance with the broom or the hoover, make it funny and finish the exhausting sanitising tasks in no time!
  • Invite your best friend to help you! After you finish with window wiping and disinfecting of your messy kitchen, drink some coffee and chat with delight. Gossiping after efficient house cleaning was never more exciting, right?
  • Clean your drawers inside out, find your old school notebooks and remember some funny moments in high school. You can even find your old numismatic collection. Look at your old treasures and have a good time all by yourself! Meanwhile if you find some unnecessary items, you can get rid of them.
  • Call your mom and ask for a piece of advice regarding disinfecting. She will share her own experience and she will be very glad to hear your voice. Use cleaning topic as a base of friendly conversation and warm your chilled relations.

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