Wash crystal and make it clean as whistle

Wash crystal itemsCrystal elements are quite common around the ordinary living spaces. Whether it is a chandelier or a small and tiny piece of a decoration, crystal becomes one of the main luxurious and splendid materials. It shines amazingly well, but you need to contribute to be so. For this purpose we have gathered for you some effective tips and clever cleansing solutions. Read them and wash crystal to make it as clean as whistle:

  • It is very important to be careful with the crystal, while keeping it fresh and clean. It is better to avoid unknown or non-tested detergents. Improvising with solutions and techniques you have never tried on crystal objects is definitely not the best idea.

  • Most of the crystal objects made of crystal are fragile and with hard-to-reach elements. Make a special tool for them by putting a long stick with a brushing fibre together. Always wash your hands before sanitising since your sticky fingers may leave some bad fingerprints.
  • As for the regular home cleaning procedures that involve crystal elements, use a mixture of lukewarm water and few drops of liquid dish washing soap. Rub gently with a clean cloth and grab the sponge soaked in white vinegar if there are large stains or old grime.
  • Rinse as many times as you can. The more you do it, the more blasting and shining becomes the crystal. Also, when you dry the item, do not press too hard, but better blot with toilet paper at first, and then wrap in a towel. Make sure the towel is not very fluffy since the crystal surface will attract the tiny hairs.
  • You can always ask the professionals from House Cleaning London Ltd. if it is a good idea to clean large crystal items by your own. Also, the cleaning teams from this company will be pleased to help you in this chore without even let you sweat!

Crystal items at home are definitely those classical and fascinating parts of the interior that make it quite exquisite. Keep them safe and wash them occasionally to preserve this luxurious air in your domestic atmosphere.

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