Appliances troubleshooting

Appliances troubleshootingSometimes the appliances at home give us up, usually in the worst possible moment. Some troubles you can repair by yourself are easier than you think and others require professional attention. What are the most common issues and what are their solutions?

  • Noisy or not cooling refrigerator. The condenser coils can be dirty. You can find them on the lower part of the fridge in front or in the back. Unplug it and remove the dirt with brush, vacuum after that. The problem can be also in the door strips, they can be replaced by you: unscrew the old and screw the new ones, be sure it is perfectly aligned. If you have frosting in self-defrosting fridge, then the problem is in the compressor or the thermostat and expert is needed. If the sound is the problem, it could be object in the fan in the back, the compressor or the freezer fan motor. In the first case unplug, unscrew the back and clean the fan; in the other two occasions call technician.

  • Cooktop and stove problems. Depends very much if the units are on gas or electricity. If they are on gas: burners may spark but there is no flame, the holes of the burners can be blocked or the spark plugs can be covered in oil or other food. The holes can be cleaned with needle or pin; don’t use something that can break inside. The plugs can be cleaned with soap, warm water and toothbrush. If you have gas oven, call an expert, no matter what is the problem. If it’s electric and it’s not heating, the bake element can be broken and you can replace it yourself; if it’s the selector or the thermostat, you need specialist. If you break the glass cooktop during your post tenancy cleaning, you can fix it easily instead of losing your deposit.
  • Dishwasher issues. There are a couple of options: dirty plates after process, puddle on the floor or not drained water. For the first, causes may be overloading, obstruction (clean the machine thoroughly) or damaged spray arm (replace it). If the water is filling slowly, may be the valve is clogged, call pro. Puddles can be from too much soap or damaged gasket or door latch. First is amendable with half cup of white vinegar and the second needs a look from a specialist. If the water doesn’t drain, it could be the garbage disposal or the drain-pump motor is clogged. First repair is yours: remove the hose of the dishwasher from the disposal and with screwdriver pop out the plug from the nozzle, the second is for technician.
  • Washer needs expert care in 85% of the occasions, so don’t experiment with it.
  • Dryer. Too long drying or strange noise. For the sounds turn the drum by hand, if you can’t, something is blocking it; if you can, repairman needs to see it. For the drying, check for lint and once a week vacuum the dryer. If you have maids, add this to their tasks and check the vent outside once a month for blocking objects: leaves, grass, plastic bags, etc.

Before you start any repair, check your warranty, because repair can void it. Consult the manufacturer because this is not “all possible problems guide”.

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