Tips for eco-friendly cleaning of your fridge

Eco-friendly cleaning of the fridgeNowadays market is full of various cleaning detergents, some of them with doubtful characteristics. Actually, there are many cleansers which are toxic and hazardous both for the environment and for your own health. It’s difficult to purchase a sanitising product, which is safe and meanwhile efficient in the war with dirt and bacteria. Experts recommend not to use chemicals during your kitchen cleaning, because you prepare your food in this room. One kitchen appliance that requires regular disinfecting is your fridge.

Here below, you will find out how to maintain and clean your refrigerator in an eco-friendly way:

  • Don’t forget to check the status of the food you store there. Rotting foods, fruits and vegetables could contaminate other products. In addition, bad smells are spread inside.
  • Never put hot items in your refrigerator. Thus you increase the internal temperature of the appliance and greater energy consumption is required. Bacteria may appear while the gadget tries to restore the proper temperature.
  • Don’t leave the door of the fridge open for too long.
  • Meat products must be carefully packed in order to avoid contact with other food products.
  • Include in your one time cleaning checklist sanitising of the entire appliance. The thorough procedure comprises unplugging the cable, unfreezing the gadget, removing and wiping all shelves and containers. Thus, you will prolong the lifespan of the refrigerator.
  • Actually, it’s not bad to clean the fridge fortnightly in order to prevent any micro-organisms and bacteria to grow.
  • When it comes to eco-friendly sanitising, you can use very simple ingredients while cleaning the gadget. For instance, white vinegar is a perfect cleanser, because of its antibacterial influence. Mix one volume of white vinegar to a volume of hot water and damp wipe with a clean sponge inside your kitchen appliance. Rinsing is not needed, as a thin layer of the mixture prevents deposits and microbes. While disinfecting the fridge, don’t forget the fridge door seals either. You are used to perform spring home cleaning, correct? This is the perfect moment to combine the comprehensive purge with deep fridge sanitising.
  • Bad and repulsive odours? Lemon and bread soda remove efficiently unpleasant smells. You can put some in a small cup and leave it in the fridge, thus the odours will be absorbed. The cup must be replaced once a month. It’s easy, green and affordable, right?

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