Ingredients to avoid in commercial carpet cleansers

Ingredients in commercial cleansersWondering why the web and the TV shows are full of stories and tips connected with the eco-friendly house cleaning movement? Well, this is not some kind of propaganda, but a real warning. There are lots of harmful effects that an ordinary household cleanser may cause you. So, better be aware and do not overdo with them. See now the ingredients to avoid in commercial carpet cleansers and make the first steps in your green household maintenance:

    • Phthalates. You may not see them as particular ingredients on the label, but in case you fragrance function in your universal carpet cleanser, bear in mind that it might have of them. They are known as the classical endocrine disruptors.

  • Perchloroethylene or “PERC”. They are frequently added to the dry carpet solvents. Being a high neurotoxin, it can cause you dizziness and loss of coordination. Always ask your steam carpet cleaners if they add such a detergent in their regular procedures.
  • Triclosan. This chemical substance is highly appreciated in the disinfecting production. It might kill pests and beetles in your carpet, but it can affect your kid’s child or even your own dog or cat.
  • 2-Butoxyethanol. You will find it not only on the carpet treatment shelves, but inside the ingredients of almost each universal all-purpose detergent. That is the most dangerous feature of this harmless toxin. It is almost anywhere and even some professional house cleaners use it for sanitising. The problems that it can cause are pulmonary edema and kidney damage.
  • Sodium hydroxide. The products for greasy carpet stain eliminating are full of it. Also, some kitchen cleansing products and mostly oven detergents may contain it. The healthy risk that the sodium hydroxide hides is bad burning of skin, rashes and eye irritation.
  • Formaldehyde. It is a suspected carcinogen, which is usually found in all carpet spray products.
  • Diethylene glycol. Experts claim that it damages the nervous system and shop assistants say that the toxin is usually found in spray carpet detergents, as well as in some of dry rug solvents.

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