Baking soda – the king of natural cleansers

Cleaning with baking sodaAll housekeepers have heard about green cleaning methods. Maybe you are also interested how to sanitise your living area without using toxic cleansers from the store. But is it possible to manage without these strong chemical detergents and meanwhile to achieve stunning final results?

Actually the answer of this question that popped up in your head is located in your kitchen drawer and it’s very simple – baking soda. Yes, exactly baking soda may be determined as the “king” of natural green cleansers. Final outcome when you use this substance is amazing and what is extremely important is that it’s safe for your health. This agent is known also as bread soda and soda bicarbonate. It’s firstly produced still in 1792. These days, baking soda is widely used cooking ingredient, but it’s also applied in green cleaning. Check out some popular variants of sanitising with baking soda and be always informed:

  • Greasy stains on your kitchen surfaces or on the floorare really annoying – eliminate them efficiently by spreading baking soda and then scrub a little bit. There will be no trace from the spots.
  • You can also put a cup of baking soda in your fridge in order to get rid of unpleasant smells. They will be absorbed by this incredible powder. In kitchen drawers, you can also use this cleanser for removing bad odours.
  • This bread soda may be also applied in order to remove stains from carpets. If you spill some red wine on your favorite rug, try to blot attentively, then apply some paste of bread soda. In this case, fabric is important and this technique is not universal. The best option is to entrust your carpet to reliable carpet cleaners in your district. They will apply steam or dry sanitising methods and deep hygiene restoration will be performed without risk of structural damage for the material.
  • Do you want sparkling and shiny dishes? Then mix some bread soda with the cleaning detergent you apply regularly. This way you will enhance its action.
  • Use mixture of soda bicarbonate and vinegar to unclog your drains – firstly pour hot water in the drain, then put in some baking soda. Wait a few minutes and then pour a mixture of vinegar and hot water. Flush again and you’re ready!
  • Your blackened silver will be flawless again if you prepare a paste of water and baking soda and cleanse the items with an old toothbrush. In this situation you can do it on your own and keep the efficient cleaning services for other cases.

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