Drink these beverages and start cleaning!

Drink these beveragesApart from diet and exercise, our health depends on what we drink as well. Instead of natural juices and any other beverages, brought from the store, we offer you a few recipes for homemade energy drinks which are perfect for any season. Sounds good, right? Here are our suggestions:

  • Rosehips drink – mix one tablespoon of honey, one of syrup from rosehips and 1/2 litre of water. Add some lemon juice, 100 mg vitamin C and several ice cubes. Enjoy;
  • Strawberry drink – we know that it isn’t strawberry season right now but these great fruits are real vitamin bomb and low of calories as well. The strawberry drink has super healing qualities and will increase your endurance significantly. Last but not least, that beverage boosts immunity and gives you physical strength. How to prepare it? It is easy: blend the strawberries with a little water or yogurt. So natural and beneficial! And if the strawberries are not enough sweet, you can add some dried fruit such as plums, apricots, etc. Similarly, you can make such a drink with any other fruits you prefer;
  • Tea – we bet you love drinking tea but did you know that it is a natural energy drink, too? Herbal tea, green tea and black tea, they all could be really useful when you are about to start post tenancy cleaning, for instance. Boil the tea; add to it a few sprigs of mint or lemon slices. If you want, sweeten it with some honey. Before consuming, you’d better leave it in the fridge for some time;
  • Cocoa beverage – the ‘magic’ healing qualities of cocoa have been known since ancient times. Cocoa beans contain lots of vitamins and minerals (iron, zinc, potassium). That plant is an antidepressant, improves blood circulation and metabolism. If you think you won’t be able to handle the inevitable housework anyway, you can always rely on professional cleaning company. But if you need just some sips of a stimulating drink to ‘recharge the batteries’, then the cocoa beverage is right for you. When you prepare it, observe the following proportions: two tablespoons of cocoa and one of water. The drink may be hot or cold, according to your taste. We advise you not to add any sugar, and if you decide the beverage to be milky, then use skimmed milk.

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