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Pyjamas party at home

Slumber partyPyjamas parties have double meaning according to the circle of invited guests. In the beginning of its history pajamas parties were known as teenage home parties that include sleeping overnight at a friend’s place. Actually, this first staying out of home for the night was considered as the icing on the cake. That is why the dress code for the party is namely pyjamas. However, the sweet and pleasant idea to have a party at home and in a comfy outfit has turned to be liked by adults, as well.
Eventually, the pyjamas party has got another aspect – receiving guests in an informal environment, having relaxation and leisure time with closest people without the glamour of expensive night hot clubs and last, but not least – throwing a sexy party with pyjamas dress code and exotic cocktails! Continue reading

How to improve indoor air quality in a natural way?

Improve indoor air with plantsOn average, a person can live without food for three weeks, three days without water… but only three minutes without air! You know that, right? Air quality is really important if you want you and your family to be healthy for a long time.

Well, actually external air pollution is not the biggest problem. The air in the rooms is 2-5 times more polluted than the air outdoors in some places, and the air indoors is often much more stale. Substances such as chemical-based cleaners, air fresheners, fragrances and detergents contribute to poor air quality. An easy way to reduce this type of air pollution is to switch to non-toxic cleaning options. Continue reading

Wash crystal and make it clean as whistle

Wash crystal itemsCrystal elements are quite common around the ordinary living spaces. Whether it is a chandelier or a small and tiny piece of a decoration, crystal becomes one of the main luxurious and splendid materials. It shines amazingly well, but you need to contribute to be so. For this purpose we have gathered for you some effective tips and clever cleansing solutions. Read them and wash crystal to make it as clean as whistle:

  • It is very important to be careful with the crystal, while keeping it fresh and clean. It is better to avoid unknown or non-tested detergents. Improvising with solutions and techniques you have never tried on crystal objects is definitely not the best idea.

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Admire the natural beauty of RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014!

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014Do not miss for anything in life to attend the most popular world-famous show that is devoted to flowers, gardens and natural beauty! Come and see the biggest flower show on the entire planet and become a part of the wonderful and inspiring RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014! Tickets are yet available, but hurry up, because with each year they have been sold sooner than the audience expect. See more details about the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014 if you yet have never been on this track of paradise alley and find out how to participate in it right now: Continue reading

Rents going up – surviving tips

Rents going upThe news about rents is not very good. It turned out that the prices for renting a house or a flat – and it does not matter what part of England you have chosen for your new residence – go up. The property market marks a very low level of purchases, which leads to the increasing of the rental prices, as well. So, what to do? Is there any way for overcoming this problem and not getting broken? See our surviving tips and make your rental life easier:

  • Desist from extras such as central situation of the property, luxurious interior design or big square of the property. Minimise your claims, but do not go too far. After all, you will be living here for a long time, so do not give up from things like enough rooms for the entire family, important gadgets for cooking and heating, and etc.

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3 Wonderful recipes to make your spotty cutlery shine

3-Wonderful-recipes-to-make-your-spotty-cutlery-shineBecause of the constant use of your stainless steel knives, forks and spoons they might become dull and spotted. And this is valid, even if you regularly clean them with proper detergent in the dishwasher. The stubborn spots on the surface remain even after they are supposed to be perfectly cleaned. These spots can be caused by mineral deposits in the water or if you tend to collect immediately your stainless steel or silver cutlery without polishing with soft fabric cloth. Continue reading

Expert oven cleaning in Bromley

Before our professional oven cleaning in Bromley BR1 5AZ, it’s evident that this kitchen appliance is covered with burnt-on carbon, grease and dried food residues. Regular scrubbing doesn’t help to eliminate these persistent deposits. Right after our efficient steam oven cleaning, the spotless finish is easily achieved by our specialised machine Polti Vaporetto.Oven cleaning

Make your home cleaning funny and memorable experience – useful tips

Funny home cleaningThe long awaited weekend is finally here, but your face is without your beautiful smile. Why? Maybe the reason is that you’re looking your messy house area and all you see is clutter, cobwebs, filth and thick layers of dust. Your soul cries: “Oh, God! Why me?” Before sinking in despair, read our smart advices of how to make your sanitising process funny and exciting:

  • What is your biggest temptation? Probably sweets – cakes, puddings or chocolate? Whatever you intend to clean, keep your eyes on the prize afterwards. Imagine the incredible feeling of melting chocolate in your mouth, right after you finish with vacuum cleaning and floor mopping. Are you already motivated to do some wiping and scrubbing?

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Tips for eco-friendly cleaning of your fridge

Eco-friendly cleaning of the fridgeNowadays market is full of various cleaning detergents, some of them with doubtful characteristics. Actually, there are many cleansers which are toxic and hazardous both for the environment and for your own health. It’s difficult to purchase a sanitising product, which is safe and meanwhile efficient in the war with dirt and bacteria. Experts recommend not to use chemicals during your kitchen cleaning, because you prepare your food in this room. One kitchen appliance that requires regular disinfecting is your fridge. Continue reading

Moving out cleaning – basic rules

End of tenancy cleaningTenancy life gives you the possibility to inhabit lovely and comfy domestic environment without owning the property. At some point, this is a real privilege, because you are not obliged to undertake grand repairs and you don’t concern about public taxes. Actually, you know that nothing comes only with pure profits. There are some duties and important responsibilities as well.

The biggest challenge for most lessees is the comprehensive end of lease cleaning, included in the rental agreement. It’s completely reasonable form the part of your landlord to demand final thorough sanitising. Thus the property will be ready to attract the next tenants. If you’re lease contract is about to end and you intend to change your lodgings, check out these general tips, that will be helpful for you: Continue reading