3 enemies of beautiful hair

3 enemies of beautiful hairBeautiful hair looks amazing and everybody wants to have such glossy and shiny hair. However, lots of caring is necessary, plus you have to eliminate your enemies. Check out some of them:

    • Our old hairbrush. How often do you change your brush or comb? Have you noticed how dirty basically the teeth of the comb are? Do you think that the hairbrush will need washing? Here is a particularly terrible fact – on your brush there is a great number of germs and dirtiness that you spread in the hair shaft with each brushing. In order to avoid greasing, remove after each combing the hair of the brush and remember at least once a month to soak it for a few minutes in baking soda, which probably removes “waste products”.

    • Shampoo, which we are used to. Sometimes, as we are accustomed to the brand of cosmetics we don’t change it at all. However, things should not be like that with the shampoo that we use. It is necessary to replace it, if your type of hair changes. If you paint it, you should get a new shampoo for treated hair. As much chemically treated your hair is, the more nourishing must be the means for washing. You should not forget that with age the scalp becomes dry, so that at one point the change of shampoo will be necessary. Even the steam carpet cleaners know that.

  • Combing wet hair. Something that is absolutely forbidden to do. In hair salons, they don’t comb your hair immediately after washing. It’s completely impossible. Pulling the hair when it is wet in order to remove knots and tangles is undoubtedly harming. You will do the same if you rub it vigorously with a towel, trying to dry it. Better choose the dryer. It is recommended to use a wide tooth comb and to be patient in combing. Be patient, just as you are when you perform your spring cleaning.

We wish you to have wonderful, shiny hair.

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