Your makeup can bring you sickness

Your makeup can bring you sicknessBeauty can be dangerous to health if you use poor quality cosmetics. Here’s how cosmetics can harm your health, when and why it is dangerous and how to avoid risks to your health? Learn more facts:

  • A major problem are the ingredients in cosmetic products, many of which are considered carcinogenic. Most often we talk about the harm of parabens, and among the hazardous ingredients fall more sodium laureth sulfate, formaldehyde, lanolin, titanium dioxide, pH below 4.5, polyethylene glycol, triclosan and others. Such chemical substances are contained in some detergents, used for deep end of tenancy cleaning procedures.
  • Expired cosmetics, even with quality ingredients, can be much more dangerous to your health than you might think. Therefore, when buying cosmetics, pay attention to its expiry date, and periodically inspect cosmetics at home and get rid of the old ones.
  • Don’t sleep with your makeup on! This is a regular practice for many women, but sleep with makeup is too unhealthy. No matter how sleepy you are, take 5 minutes to cleanse your face. Women who work as house cleaners are very exhausted, but be sure that they remove their makeup before going to bed. Otherwise, the pores remain blocked too long, which can cause the formation of comedones and acne, and premature aging of the skin due to the drastic reduction of collagen which is responsible for the elastic and fresh appearance.
  • Faulty cosmetics or one with expired date can cause allergy, skin irritation resulting in redness, itching, swelling, rash, unwanted pigmentation, skin aging. As a result of dryness and loss of elasticity – acne, pore clogging and inability to release toxins may also appear.

What about you? What kind of cosmetics do you use and do you sleep without removing your makeup?

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