Ethereal bathroom design ideas

Bathroom design ideasThe bathroom is your place at home for relaxing and releasing from the daily stress. That’s why it is essential to furnish it in the best possible way. Here are a few ethereal bathroom design ideas:

  • Decide what the leading colour will be. This can be the main colour of the tiles, for example. Comply with it, everything that you put in. The towels should match it, too;
  • The warm, pastel colours are defined as ‘feminine’. However, they are extremely modern for the bathroom interior nowadays. Purple and all its shades are examples of such colours;

  • The most popular colour for an ethereal bathroom is white. Simple, sleek and stylish. The only downside is that everything white gets dirty easily. So you will need to run home cleaning more thoroughly! You may ‘diversify’ white as you pick nuances such as champagne, ivory, etc.;
  • Speaking of colours, we think that the ethereal bathroom should have some blue accents. If you use different shades of that colour in your bathroom, then you will experience peace and pacification. Blue makes people think about the ocean having it associated with rest and holiday. Select sky-blue tiles for the lower part of the walls of your bathroom and white – for the top;
  • Flowers can turn any bathroom into wonderful space. Floral motifs are suitable if you wish to raise your mood and create a romantic atmosphere in your bathroom;
  • Huge windows allow a large amount of light to enter the spacious bathroom, which makes it look luxurious. And if we add some drapes in golden yellow, then it’s all coming together. That is great, but keep in mind that such windows require additional window sanitising;
  • The mirror is an integral part of any bathroom decor. Surely you love spending your time in front of it, so it should be big and with a beautiful framework. Typically, its place is above the sink, but you could place it elsewhere. And why not having a few mirrors?

As a conclusion we advise you to use aromatic dried flowers and petals. Place them in a transparent container, so as to give off a pleasant scent when the bathroom is being used. Enjoy!

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