How to reuse your old yoga mat at home?

How to reuse your old yoga mat at home?Doing yoga has a lot of benefits for your health – not only it keeps you fit but it improves your overall appearance and mood. Having a yoga mat is essential but do you remember the last time you have changed it? If it has lost its initial condition and you don’t find it comfortable anymore, don`t rush to toss it away. Here are some uses of your old yoga mat at home.

  • First of all, before trying any of those tricks wash your mat. Put it in the washing machine and run it on low setting. Now, as you have done this you may upgrade your dish rack – cut a piece of your yoga mat and place it under the rack. By doing this you will avoid the smell of mold around your kitchen plus it will be a good base for the rack. Try this next time you do your domestic cleaning – you will notice the difference.
  • Protect your hardwood floor with the help of your yoga mat. You know that heavy furniture tends to leave scratches and marks on your precious wooden flooring. In order to stop this issue cut small circles from the yoga mat and place them to the bottom of the furniture. For better results you can use glue to attach them – you will have inexpensive furniture protectors!
  • You surely love your rugs and carpets as they add warm touch to every room. Still, it is as essential as the regular carpet cleaning to provide safety for your child who loves running around the house. Some carpets are really slippery directly put on the floor so to prevent any accidents just place the yoga mat under it.
  • If you have a pet place a piece of yoga mat under its water and food bowls. This will add traction and next time it will be harder to knock the bowls and spill water on your floor. With the rest of the yoga mat you can make comfortable padding under your pet’s favorite spots. Your pet will love you even more!
  • Last but not least, you can prevent drafts if your door or windows let air leaks inside. Cut out thin stripes from your yoga mat and put them where the drafts are – simple like that!

These are few good reasons why you should think twice before tossing your old yoga mat!

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