Children and sports – tips

Children and sports - tipsDo you want your kid to train a certain sport? The child must be grown up enough and to love this sport. In early childhood bone structure, but generally childish bodies are not yet formed and some sports may be harmful to normal development. For any age different sports would be appropriate:

  • 2-3 years – swimming with a parent can be practiced from a very early age, even in infants. Children in most cases love water – they clap their hands and feet and can stay for hours in the warm pool. You must be very careful for the little one in order to protect it from swallowing water and being frightened. It is recommended for these workouts to be performed under the supervision of coach. Some pools offer water gymnastics for mothers with babies. Instead of carpet sanitising, call the professionals and go to a pool with your baby!
  • 4-5 years – in this period, except swimming, kids can easily dance. Dancing is very useful for the harmonious development of the body. Besides physical influence dancing consumes energy and the kid acquires sense of rhythm, grace of movement.
  • 6-7 years – suitable are gymnastics, figure skating, hockey, skiing, trampolining, swimming, tennis, aikido.
  • 8-9 years – basketball, football, sports orientation. Nine-year child can train volleyball, handball, water polo, athletics, sailing. Call the spring cleaners to sanitise your home and take your kid to a sport, it will be great for both of you.
  • 10-11 years – horseback riding, fencing, boxing, rock climbing, cycling. For children over 10 years different fighting styles and martial arts are appropriate.

When choosing a sport for your child open your senses. Do not stop just on popular ones. Give your child the space to choose.

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