Meet autumn with appropriate home decoration!

Autumn home decorationAutumn is coming, the weather’s getting cold, leaves start falling from the trees. The landscape becomes very colourful, quiet and peaceful. Such a beauty all around! Now is your time to adjust your psychics for the upcoming winter, as you create an autumn atmosphere at home. Take a look at our ideas:

  • Choose some ornaments in the shape of petals, fill a small porcelain bowl with yellow and orange dry leaves and put a handful of roasted chestnuts. Besides the beautiful arrangement, the smell of roasted chestnuts will also bring you a nice autumn feeling;

  • Speaking about fragrances, we think that nothing creates an autumn atmosphere better than the delicious aroma of pumpkin pie or cookies with chocolate. However, if you don’t like cooking, you can obtain those wonderful smells thanks to the ‘modern alchemy’. Use incense sticks: cinnamon, apple, chocolate;
  • We know that you are busy every day, due to the inevitable household chores. Yet, between cooking and regular home sanitising, take some time and arrange the table in your living or dining room with autumn elements: sunflowers, small or large, artificial or real carved pumpkins, hanging little corn or dried flowers;
  • Dried flowers are suitable decoration not only for the tables at your home. You can select a more desolate corner in your home, in a hallway, for instance, to stab a small nail and pin there a beautiful bouquet of dried flowers;
  • Make some changes in the living room – the fastest and easiest way to do that is using a new case for the couch. You can also put orange pillowcases, yellow or golden bedding. Other popular autumn colours you may use are green and brown in all their shades, as well as plum blue and bronze. Replace the light, summer curtains with a bit thicker and heavier ones. And why not place a fluffy carpet? Whenever you need a proper and thorough disinfecting of your rug, steam carpet cleaners are ready to help you;
  • Wreaths – using an autumn wreath, full of dried flowers, twigs and cones will help you decorate your hall, living room or even kitchen very effectively;
  • You may bring autumn accents to any room in your home by putting a bowl with grapes and some other autumn fruits.

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