Old, but gold interior design rules

Interior design rulesDesigners like to break them, amateurs make uncertain tries and the rest just waste their time – there are designing rules that you just can’t neglect. They don’t become old-fashioned, changes in styles don’t influence them and even if we move to the Moon they will still be the same (except the gravity, of course). What are these interior design rules?

  • Main topic. Choose one. You can have different areas and spaces, rooms with different purpose but there should be chaining elements that make the home one whole. What is your favorite? City, countryside, sea, nature, sport, cars and space – anything fits. Place elements, patterns or shapes that resemble it and you will have one complete home.

  • Not all at once. Don’t make impulsive decisions when it comes to design. Think carefully, use decorating software, measure and try with trial period if possible before putting anything on “its place”. Otherwise you may end up with wall as Swiss cheese trying to hang a picture.
  • What you have is always cheaper than what you are going to buy. Replacing is easy, expensive but easy. Before considering replacing, think if you can use the furniture or the accessory in another way or with some renovation. Paint can give a new life to things and with reliable upholstery cleaners by your side an old sofa can look like new. Don’t waste funds to create garbage, recycle! You can use the saved money for a journey or in another fun way.
  • Schemes are better than mono-colours. Using only one colour in your interior is quite an extreme decision – you may end up with blunt space like from old cartoon. If you are not the Pink Panther think of using colour scheme. The rule says that you need at least three shades for good result. Choose neutral basic colour, one to oppose it – dark and one for accent to connect the previous two.
  • Surprise. Being dull and boring has never been a trend. Bring unexpected details, solutions or colours around the house out of the focal point – potted plant in the bathroom, carpet on the wall, ottoman in the closet, garden in the foyer, etc. If you are worried for the maintenance: dry carpet cleaning can be performed on the wall or you can take the rug off; gardening isn’t that hard if you pick the right plants and ottoman can play spare chair if you have too much guests.
  • Pairing. Two is magical number when it comes for decoration: two sofas, two framed pictures, two lamps. This putting together helps you create the focal point in the space without overcrowding it.

Following the rules is as easy as breaking them. Choose the ones that suit your understandings and trust them. Decoration is amendable… usually.

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